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Scientific Name Common Name Distribution, notes
    Family PAPILIONIDAE Latreille, [1802]SWALLOWTAILS 
    Subfamily Parnassiinae Duponchel, [1835]Parnassians 
Parnassius clodius clodius Ménétriés, 1855Clodius ParnassianN CA; Marin to Trinity cos.
Parnassius clodius claudianus Stichel, 1907Clodius Parnassianfar N CA (Siskiyous) to SW BC; Cascades westward
Parnassius clodius sol Bryk & Eisner, 1932Clodius ParnassianCA; Tulare to Modoc & S Siskiyou Cos.; Warners?; usually < 7000'
Parnassius clodius baldur W. H. Edwards, 1877Clodius ParnassianCA; S Sierra Nevada, usually above 7000' 
Parnassius clodius Ménétriés, 1855 (S Sierra Nevada segregate)Clodius ParnassianSouthern Sierra Nevada (Kern-Tulare Cos.), CA
Parnassius behrii W. H. Edwards, 1870Sierra Nevada ParnassianCA Sierra Nevada
Parnassius smintheus sternitzkyi McDunnough, 1937Rocky Mountain ParnassianSiskiyou/ S Cascade Mts, NW CA-SW OR
Parnassius smintheus magnus W. G. Wright, 1905Rocky Mountain ParnassianS BC, E WA, E OR, ID, W MT, NW WY
Parnassius smintheus sayii W. H. Edwards, 1863Rocky Mountain Parnassian[= hermodur]; NE NV, UT, S & E WY, W SD, W NB, CO, N NM
    Subfamily Papilioninae Latreille, [1802]  
    Tribe Troidini Talbot, 1939  
Parides montezuma (Westwood, 1842)Montezuma’s CattleheartNE & NW Mexico to Costa Rica
Parides panares panares (Gray, [1853])Wedge-spotted CattleheartOaxaca
Parides erithalion polyzelus (C. Felder & R. Felder, 1865)Variable CattleheartE Mexico to Costa Rica
Battus philenor philenor (Linnaeus, 1771)Pipevine SwallowtailMexico, S & E USA & Canada
Battus polydamas polydamas (Linnaeus, 1758)Polydamas Swallowtailcontinental
    Tribe Leptocircini W. F. Kirby, 1896  
Eurytides epidaus epidaus (Doubleday, 1846)Mexican Kite-SwallowtailE Mexico to NW Costa Rica
Eurytides epidaus fenochionis (Salvin & Godman, 1868)Mexican Kite-SwallowtailSW Mexico
Eurytides philolaus philolaus (Boisduval, 1836)Dark Kite-SwallowtailTexas and Sinaloa S to Costa Rica
Eurytides marcellus (Cramer, 1777)Zebra SwallowtailE USA & Canada
Mimoides thymbraeus aconophos (Gray, [1853])White-crescent SwallowtailW Mexico
Mimoides phaon phaon (Boisduval, 1836)Variable Swallowtail NE Mexico to Panama
    Tribe Papilionini Latreille, [1802]  
Papilio machaon bairdii W. H. Edwards, 1866'Baird's' Old World Swallowtailsouthern Rocky Mountains to SE California
Papilio polyxenes asterius (Stoll, 1782)Black SwallowtailCanada, E USA, S to El Salvador
Papilio polyxenes coloro W. G. Wright, 1905Desert Swallowtailfar SW USA
Papilio zelicaon Lucas, 1852Anise SwallowtailW USA & Canada, Baja California Norte
Papilio indra indra Reakirt, 1866Indra Swallowtailmost of range; NE ORE-WA, ID, MT, N UT, WY, W SD, CO
Papilio indra Reakirt, 1866 (N & C Sierra Nevada segregate)Indra Swallowtail[ "i. indra"]; N & C Sierra Nevada, CA
Papilio indra pergamus Hy. Edwards, 1874Indra SwallowtailLos Angeles, W San Berdo., Riverside, San Diego cos., CA
Papilio indra fordi J. A. Comstock & Martin, 1956Indra SwallowtailCalico S to Granite Mts.; Sheephole, Coxcomb, Eagle Mts., CA
Papilio indra parvindra J. Emmel, T. Emmel & Griffin, 2008Indra Swallowtail[= pygmaeus], Dead Mtns., San Bernardino Co., CA
Papilio indra martini J. Emmel & T. Emmel, 1966Indra SwallowtailProvidence Mtns., San Bernardino Co., CA
Papilio indra panamintensis J. Emmel, 1982Indra SwallowtailPanamint Mts., Death Valley region, CA
Papilio indra nevadensis T. Emmel & J. Emmel, 1971Indra SwallowtailC & N NV
Papilio indra calcicola J. Emmel & Griffin, 1998Indra SwallowtailMuddy Mtns., Clark Co., NV, and vicinity, to E Death Valley area
Papilio indra minori Cross, 1937Indra SwallowtailW CO, E UT, NW NM, NE AZ
Papilio glaucus glaucus Linnaeus, 1758Eastern Tiger SwallowtailE USA, far NE Tamaulipas
Papilio rutulus Lucas, 1852Western Tiger Swallowtail[= arizonensis]; W USA & Canada, Baja California N
Papilio eurymedon Lucas, 1852 (1805)Pale Tiger SwallowtailW USA & Canada, Baja California Norte
Papilio multicaudata pusillus Austin & J. Emmel, 1998Two-tailed Tiger SwallowtailNW USA to Baja California
Papilio multicaudata multicaudata W. F. Kirby, 1884Two-tailed Tiger Swallowtail (Xochiquetzal)SW USA to central Mexico
Papilio pilumnus Boisduval, 1836Three-tailed Tiger SwallowtailS USA (as stray), Mexico to Guatemala
Papilio troilus troilus Linnaeus, 1758Spicebush SwallowtailE USA & SE Canada
Papilio palamedes palamedes Drury, 1773Palamedes SwallowtailSE USA
Papilio palamedes leontis Rothschild & Jordan, 1906Palamedes SwallowtailNE Mexico
Papilio victorinus victorinus E. Doubleday, 1844Victorine SwallowtailE Mexico to Nicaragua
Papilio cresphontes Cramer, 1777Giant SwallowtailCanada to Panama, Cuba, sporadic elsewhere
Papilio astyalus pallas G. Gray, [1853]Broad-banded SwallowtailS Texas, E Mexico to N Costa Rica
Papilio astyalus bajaensis J. Brown & Faulkner, 1992Broad-banded SwallowtailW Mexico
Papilio ornythion Boisduval, 1836 (Typical segregate)Ornythion Swallowtail S Texas, E Mexico to Honduras
Papilio torquatus tolus Godman & Salvin, 1890Torquatus SwallowtailNE Mexico to C Veracruz
Papilio anchisiades idaeus Fabricius, 1793Ruby-spotted SwallowtailTexas to Colombia & NW Venezuela
    Family PIERIDAE Swainson, 1820WHITES and YELLOWS 
    Subfamily Dismorphiinae Schatz, 1866Mimic-Whites 
Dismorphia theucharila fortunata (Lucas, 1854) Clearwinged Mimic-WhiteE Mexico to NW Colombia
    Subfamily Coliadinae Swainson, 1821Sulphurs and Yellows 
Kricogonia lyside (Godart, 1819)Lyside SulphurSE AZ & S TX (strays N) to Venezuela; S FL, Gr. Antilles
Nathalis iole iole Boisduval, 1836Dainty SulphurS USA (strays N to Canada) to Hondruas, Greater Antilles
Eurema daira sidonia (R. Felder, 1869)Barred YellowSE AZ & SW NM (as vagrant), W Mexico
Eurema daira eugenia (Wallengren, 1860)Barred YellowS TX (strays N), E Mexico to Panama
Eurema boisduvaliana (C. Felder & R. Felder, 1865)Boisduval’s YellowSE AZ, SW NM, S TX (sporadic) to W Costa Rica, Cuba, Jamaica
Eurema mexicana mexicana (Boisduval, 1836)Mexican YellowSW USA (strays widely N) to Panama
Eurema salome jamapa (Reakirt, 1866)Salome YellowS NM & S TX (as strays) to Panama
Eurema albula celata (R. Felder, 1869)White YellowE & W Mexico to Honduras
Abaeis nicippe (Cramer, 1779)Sleepy OrangeS USA (strays N) to Costa Rica, Gr. Antilles, Caymans, Bahamas
Pyrisitia proterpia (Fabricius, 1775)Tailed OrangeSE AZ, SW NM, S TX (strays N) to Peru, most Greater Antilles
Pyrisitia lisa lisa (Boisduval & Le Conte, [1830])Little YellowSE USA (C TX to VA, strays N), Bermuda, N Bahamas
Pyrisitia lisa centralis (Herrich-Schäffer, 1865)Little YellowSE AZ (as stray), S TX to Panama
Pyrisitia nise nelphe (R. Felder, 1869)Mimosa YellowS AZ (as stray) & S TX (strays N) to Panama
Pyrisitia dina westwoodii (Boisduval, 1836)Dina YellowSE AZ (as stray) & E Mexico to Panama
Colias philodice eriphyle W. H. Edwards, 1876Clouded SulphurTL: Canada (BC)
Colias eurytheme Boisduval, 1832Orange SulphurTL: USA (Ca); Mexico
Colias occidentalis occidentalis Scudder, 1862Western Sulphur[= nortepacifica]
Colias occidentalis Scudder, 1862 (SW Oregon segregate)Western SulphurS Cascades, far NE Siskiyous, Jackson -Josephine Co., OR
Colias christina W. H. Edwards, 1863 (NE Oregon mountains)Christina's SulphurTL: Canada (NT)
Colias alexandra alexandra W. H. Edwards, 1863Queen Alexandra's SulphurTL: USA (Co)
Colias alexandra apache Ferris, 1988Queen Alexandra's SulphurTL: USA (Az)
Colias alexandra edwardsii W. H. Edwards, 1870Queen Alexandra's SulphurTL: USA (Nv)
Colias harfordii Hy. Edwards, 1877Harford’s SulphurTL: USA (Ca)
Colias meadii meadii W. H. Edwards, 1871Mead's SulphurTL: USA (Co)
Colias scudderi Reakirt, 1865Scudder's SulphurTL: USA (Co)
Zerene cesonia cesonia (Stoll, 1790)Southern DogfaceS USA (strays far N) to Colombia, Cuba
Zerene eurydice (Boisduval, 1855)California DogfaceBaja California (N) to N California
Anteos clorinde (Godart, [1824])White Angled-SulphurSW USA (strays), S TX to Argentina, Cuba, Jamaica, Hispaniola
Anteos maerula (Fabricius, 1775)Yellow Angled-SulphurSW USA (strays), S TX to Peru, S FL, Bahamas, Gr. Antilles
Phoebis sennae eubule (Linnaeus, 1767)Cloudless SulphurSE USA (strays far N, NW)
Phoebis sennae marcellina (Cramer, 1777)Cloudless SulphurSW USA (strays far N), S TX through Panama, most S. America
Phoebis philea philea (Linnaeus, 1763)Orange-barred SulphurSW USA (strays far N) to S Brazil, Gulf Coast to FL, P. Rico, etc.
Phoebis neocypris virgo (Butler, 1870)Tailed SulphurSE AZ & S TX (rare strays) to Brazil
Phoebis argante DHJ01 (P. argante of Brown, 1929)Pale Apricot SulphurKS, TX (rare stray), E & W Mexico to Argentina, Trinidad
Phoebis agarithe agarithe (Boisduval, 1836)Large Orange SulphurS W USA (strays far N), S TX to Peru; Galapagos Is., Hawaii
Aphrissa statira statira (Cramer, 1777)Statira SulphurS TX (strays N), E & W Mexico to Argentina, Lesser Antilles
    Subfamily Pierinae Swainson, 1820Whites 
    Tribe Anthocharidini Scudder, 1889  
Anthocharis cethura cethura C. Felder & R. Felder, 1865Desert OrangetipTL: [USA (Ca)]
Anthocharis cethura morrisoni W. H. Edwards, 1881Desert OrangetipTL: USA (Ca)
Anthocharis cethura hadromarmorata J. Emmel, T. Emmel & Mattoon, 1998Desert OrangetipTL: USA (Nv)
Anthocharis cethura mojavensis J. Emmel, T. Emmel & Mattoon, 1998Desert OrangetipTL: USA (Ca)
Anthocharis cethura pima W. H. Edwards, 1888'Pima' Desert OrangetipTL: USA (Az)
Anthocharis sara sara Lucas, 1852Sara OrangetipTL: USA (Ca)
Anthocharis sara sulfuris Pelham, 2008Sara Orangetip[= columbia]
Anthocharis sara julia W. H. Edwards, 1872Sara OrangetipTL: USA (Co)
Anthocharis sara pseudothoosa Austin, 1998Sara OrangetipTL: USA (Nv)
Anthocharis lanceolata lanceolata Lucas, 1852Gray MarbleSW OR, N CA, far W NV, S through Sierra Nevada
Anthocharis lanceolata desertolimbus J. Emmel, T. Emmel & Mattoon, 1998Gray MarbleW edge Colorado Desert (Palm Spgs. area S to N BC)
Euchloe ausonides transmontana Austin & J. Emmel, 1998Large MarbleCA Sierra Nevada to W UT, N CA, OR, E WA, S BC, W ID 
Euchloe ausonides ausonides (Lucas, 1852)Large MarbleW CA (esp. Bay area), low elevations
Euchloe ausonides coloradensis (Hy. Edwards, 1881)Large Marble 
Euchloe olympia (W. H. Edwards, 1871)Olympia MarbleS ALTA to NE NM & C TX, prairies E to S ONT + Appalachians
Euchloe lotta Beutenmüller, 1898Desert MarbleSE BC, S to E CA, AZ, N SON-CHIH, far W TX, W NM, N to W MT
Euchloe hyantis hyantis (W. H. Edwards, 1871)California MarbleSW OR (NW Siskiyous), W CA to Baja California (N)
Hesperocharis costaricensis pasion (Reakirt, [1867])Costa Rican WhiteE & W Mexico to Guatemala (at least) 
Hesperocharis graphites avivolans (Butler, 1865)Marbled WhiteE, W & S Mexico (to Oaxaca)
    Tribe Pierini Swainson, 1820  
Glutophrissa drusilla tenuis (Lamas, 1981) Florida WhiteW Mexico & S TX (strays far N) to Peru
Melete lycimnia isandra (Boisduval, 1836)Creamy WhiteS TX (as stray), E & W Mexico to Costa Rica
Neophasia menapia tehachapina J. Emmel, T. Emmel & Mattoon, 1998Pine WhiteTehachapi Mts., Kern Co., CA
Neophasia menapia menapia (C. Felder & R. Felder, 1859)Pine WhiteCA Sierra Nevada N to N OR/ S WA (or BC if tau treated as syn.)
Neophasia menapia melanica Scott, 1981Pine Whiteimmediate coast, Mendocino Co., CA
Neophasia menapia magnamenapia Austin, 1998Pine WhiteW NV, S & C UT, AZ, NM, CO, E WY, W NE, W SD
Neophasia terlooii Behr, 1869Mexican Pine WhiteSE AZ, SW NM to central western Mexico (MICH), also NL
Catasticta flisa flisa (Herrich-Schäffer, [1858])Narrow-banded Dartwhite[= arechiza], E & W Mexico to Guatemala
Catasticta nimbice nimbice (Boisduval, 1836)Mexican DartwhiteW TX, E & W Mexico to Oaxaca
Pieriballia viardi viardi (Boisduval, 1836)Viardi WhiteS TX (rare stray), E & W Mexico to Honduras
Itaballia demophile centralis Joicey & Talbot, 1928Black-banded WhiteS TX (one-time stray), E & S Mexico to Panama
Leptophobia aripa elodia (Boisduval, 1836)Mountain WhiteS TX (rare stray), E & W Mexico to Panama
Pieris marginalis marginalis Scudder, 1861Margined WhiteW OR (N of Siskiyous), W Cascades to coast, N to SW BC
Pieris marginalis venosa Scudder, 1861Margined Whitemuch of W CA
Pieris marginalis pseudonapi W. Barnes & McDunnough, 1916Margined White[= macdunnoughii], CO, S WY, N NM; univoltine
Pieris marginalis mogollon Burdick, 1942Margined White>White Mts. (AZ) & Mogollon Rim (NM)
Pieris rapae rapae (Linnaeus, 1758)Cabbage Whitewidespread across N America to C Mexico, Hawaii; introduced
Pontia beckerii (W. H. Edwards, 1871)Becker's WhiteBC to Baja C. Sur, N AZ, N NM, CO, WY, S & W MT; basins
Pontia protodice (Boisduval & Le Conte, [1830])Checkered Whitewidespread across N America to S Mexico; Cuba. Vagrant N
Pontia occidentalis occidentalis (Reakirt, 1866)Western WhiteBC to CA (S Sierra), W to N NM, N to MAN, SASK, ALTA
Pontia sisymbrii sisymbrii (Boisduval, 1852)Spring WhiteBaja California, N along Sierra Nevada-Cascades to W-C OR
Pontia sisymbrii nigravenosa Austin & J. Emmel, 1998Spring WhiteMojave Desert: SE CA, W AZ, S NV, SW UT
Ascia monuste monuste (Linnaeus, 1764)Great Southern WhiteSW USA (strays), W Mexico & S TX to N S. Am; S Lesser Antilles
Ganyra josephina josepha (Salvin & Godman, 1868)Giant WhiteS TX (strays N), E & W Mexico to Panama
Ganyra josephina josephina (Godart, 1819)Giant WhiteHispaniola
Ganyra phaloe tiburtia (Fruhstorfer, 1907)Godart's WhiteE & S Mexico to El Salvador
    Family LYCAENIDAE [Leach], [1815]GOSSAMERWINGS 
    Subfamily Lycaeninae [Leach], [1815]Coppers 
Lycaena cupreus lapidicola J. Emmel & Pratt, 1998Lustrous CopperCA Sierra Nevada from Nevada to Tulare-Inyo Cos.; similar in White Mts.
Lycaena cupreus cupreus (W. H. Edwards, 1870)Lustrous Copper[= artemisia], N CA, C-E OR, ID, NE NV, MT, NW WY, N UT
Lycaena cupreus snowi (W. H. Edwards, [1881])Lustrous CopperS Rocky Mts. of SE WY, CO, N NM; high Uinta and La Sal Mts., UT
Lycaena arota arota (Boisduval, 1852)Tailed Copper TL: USA (Ca)
Lycaena arota (Boisduval, 1852) (C CA interior Coast Range segregate)Tailed Copper 
Lycaena arota virginiensis (W. H. Edwards, 1870)Tailed Copper TL: USA (Nv)
Lycaena arota schellbachi (Tilden, 1955)Tailed Copper TL: USA (Az)
Lycaena hermes (W. H. Edwards, 1870)Hermes CopperTL: USA (Ca)
Lycaena editha obscuramaculata Austin, 1989Edith's Copper 
Lycaena editha editha (Mead, 1878)Edith's CopperTL: USA (Ca)
Lycaena xanthoides nigromaculata J. Emmel & Pratt, 1998Great Copper TL: USA (Ca)
Lycaena xanthoides xanthoides (Boisduval, 1852)Great Copper TL: USA (Ca)
Lycaena xanthoides obsolescens J. Emmel & Pratt, 1998Great Copper TL: USA (Ca)
Lycaena gorgon gorgon (Boisduval, 1852)Gorgon Copper  TL: USA (Ca)
Lycaena gorgon micropunctata J. Emmel & Pratt, 1998Gorgon Copper  TL: USA (Ca)
Lycaena gorgon jacquelineae J. Emmel & Pratt, 1998Gorgon Copper  TL: USA (Ca)
Lycaena gorgon dorothea J. Emmel & Pratt, 1998Gorgon Copper TL: USA (Or)
Lycaena rubidus monachensis K. Johnson & Balogh, 1977Ruddy CopperTL: USA (Ca)
Lycaena rubidus sirius (W. H. Edwards, 1871)Ruddy CopperTL: USA (Co)
Lycaena rubidus ferrisi K. Johnson & Balogh, 1977Ruddy CopperTL: USA (Az)
Lycaena heteronea heteronea Boisduval, 1852Blue CopperTL: USA (Ca)
Lycaena heteronea submaculata J. Emmel & Pratt, 1998Blue CopperTL: USA (Ca)
Lycaena heteronea clara Hy. Edwards, 1877Blue CopperTL: USA (Ca)
Lycaena heteronea austin Kemal & Kocak, 2007Blue Copper[rutila is preoccupied]
Lycaena heteronea rava Austin, 1998Blue CopperTL: USA (Nv)
Lycaena heteronea gravenotata Klots, 1930Blue CopperTL: USA (Co)
Lycaena heteronea Boisduval, 1852 (E base Cascades- boldly spotted)Blue Copper[= nr. gravenotata], E base Cascades far N CA, OR, far S WA
Lycaena dorcas castro (Reakirt, 1866)Dorcas Copper[= sangremar]
Lycaena helloides (Boisduval, 1852)Purplish Copper TL: USA (Ca)
Lycaena nivalis nivalis (Boisduval, 1869)Lilac-bordered CopperTL: USA (Ca)
Lycaena nivalis (Boisduval, 1869) (W Cascadian segregate)Lilac-bordered Copper[nr. bichroma]
Lycaena nivalis bichroma J. Emmel & Pratt, 1998Lilac-bordered CopperTL: USA (Ca)
Lycaena nivalis warnermontana J. Emmel & Pratt, 1998Lilac-bordered CopperTL: USA (Ca)
Lycaena nivalis (Boisduval, 1869) (NE Oregon segregate)Lilac-bordered Copper[nr. warnermontana]
Lycaena nivalis browni dos Passos, 1938Lilac-bordered Copper TL: USA (Idaho)
Lycaena mariposa mariposa (Reakirt, 1866)Mariposa CopperTL: USA (Ca)
Lycaena mariposa (Reakirt, 1866) (W Siskiyou segregate)Mariposa CopperW Siskiyous, Josephine Co., OR
Lycaena mariposa penroseae W. D. Field, 1938Mariposa CopperTL: USA (Wy)
    Subfamily Theclinae Swainson, 1831 (1820)Hairstreaks 
    Tribe Theclini Swainson, 1831 (1820)Hairstreaks 
Hypaurotis crysalus crysalus (W. H. Edwards, 1873)Colorado HairstreakC & S CO, NM, far W TX, AZ, SON
Habrodais grunus lorquini W. D. Field, 1938Golden HairstreakSW ORE (Siskiyous) to C CA Coast Ranges
Habrodais grunus grunus (Boisduval, 1852)Golden HairstreakS CA & Sierra Nevada
Habrodais grunus herri W. D. Field, 1938Golden HairstreakCascade Mountains, far S WA (Skamania Co.), OR, N OR Coast Range
    Tribe Eumaeini E. Doubleday, 1847Hairstreaks 
Eumaeus childrenae (G. Gray, 1832)Great Cycadian [= debora], E & S Mexico to Honduras
Eumaeus toxea (Godart, [1824])Mexican CycadianE & W Mexico to Nicaragua (S TX as very rare stray)
Brangas neora (Hewitson, 1867)Widespread BrangasE & W Mexico to S Brazil
Atlides halesus corcorani Clench, 1942Great Blue Hairstreak W OR, CA, SW USA, NW, NE & E Mexico
Atlides gaumeri (Godman, 1901)White-tipped HairstreakE & W Mexico to Panama
Atlides polybe (Linnaeus, 1763)Black-veined HairstreakE & W Mexico to N Argentina
Pseudolycaena damo (H. Druce, 1875)Sky-blue Hairstreak E & W Mexico to Colombia and W Ecuador
Micandra tongida Clench, 1971Tongida HairstreakC Mexico
Micandra cyda (Godman & Salvin, 1887)Cyda Hairstreak[= furina], S Mexico to Costa Rica
Ipidecla schausi (Godman & Salvin, 1887)Schaus’ IpideclaE Mexico to Paraguay
Thereus ortalus (Godman & Salvin, 1887)Ortalus HairstreakMexico to S Brazil
Rekoa meton (Cramer, 1779)Meton Hairstreak E & W Mexico to Bolivia, Paraguay, S Brazil, Venezuela to Guianas, Trinidad
Rekoa palegon (Cramer, 1780)Gold-bordered HairstreakS TX, E & W Mexico to N Argentina, Venezuela to Guianas, Trinidad, Tobago
Rekoa zebina (Hewitson, 1869)Zebina HairstreakE & W Mexico to NW Costa Rica
Rekoa marius (Lucas, 1857)Marius HairstreakS TX, E & W Mexico to Bolivia, Paraguay, SE Brazil, Venezuela, Trinidad
Arawacus togarna (Hewitson, 1867)Togarna HairstreakSE Mexico to Amazonas
Arawacus sito (Boisduval, 1836)Fine-lined Hairstreak E & W Mexico to Costa Rica
Arawacus jada (Hewitson, 1867)Creamy HairstreakS AZ (as vagrant), E & W Mexico to Costa Rica
Contrafacia bassania (Hewitson, 1868)White-etched Hairstreak Mexico to Colombia
Satyrium fuliginosa fuliginosa (W. H. Edwards, 1861)Western Sooty HairstreakTL: USA (Ca)
Satyrium fuliginosa tildeni Mattoon & Austin, 1998Western Sooty HairstreakTL: USA (Ca)
Satyrium semiluna semiluna Klots, 1930Sagebrush Sooty HairstreakTL: USA (Wy)
Satyrium semiluna maculadistinctum Mattoon & Austin, 1998Sagebrush Sooty HairstreakTL: USA (Nv)
Satyrium semiluna Klots, 1930 (Columbia Basin segregate)Sagebrush Sooty HairstreakColumbia Basin, S BC to N OR
Satyrium semiluna Klots, 1930 (Pine Mtn. Segregate)Sagebrush Sooty HairstreakPine Mountain, Deschutes Co., OR; similar in Ochocos
Satyrium semiluna Klots, 1930 (C OR Cascades segregate)Sagebrush Sooty HairstreakCascades of C OR (e.g., Three Creeks Meadow, Deschutes Co.)
Satyrium semiluna Klots, 1930 (Mt. Hood segregate)Sagebrush Sooty HairstreakMt. Hood, Clackamas / Hood River Cos., OR
Satyrium behrii behrii (W. H. Edwards, 1870)Behr's HairstreakS CA, N through Sierra Nevada & Cascades to C WA
Satyrium behrii (W. H. Edwards, 1870) (northern intermontane segregate)Behr's HairstreakNE OR, S ID, NE WY, N UT, NW CO
Satyrium behrii crossi (W. D. Field, 1938)Behr's HairstreakSE WY, E & S CO, N NM, far SE UT, far NE AZ
Satyrium californica californica (W. H. Edwards, 1862)California HairstreakTL: USA (Ca)
Satyrium californica obscurafacies Austin, 1998California Hairstreak[= brashor], SE BC to NE NV
Satyrium sylvinus sylvinus (Boisduval, 1852)Sylvan HairstreakTL: USA (Ca)
Satyrium sylvinus nootka M. Fisher, 1998Sylvan HairstreakTL: Canada (BC)
Satyrium sylvinus putnami (Hy. Edwards, 1877)Sylvan HairstreakTL: USA (Ut)
Satyrium sylvinus desertorum (F. Grinnell, 1917)Sylvan HairstreakTL: USA (Ca)
Satyrium sylvinus dryope (W. H. Edwards, 1870)Sylvan HairstreakTL: USA ([Ca])
Satyrium titus campus (Gatrelle, 2004)Coral Hairstreak TL: USA (Iowa)
Satyrium titus immaculosus (W. Comstock, 1913)Coral HairstreakTL: USA (Ut)
Satyrium titus occidentalis Austin & J. Emmel, 1998Coral HairstreakTL: USA (Nv)
Satyrium calanus calanus (Hübner, [1809])Banded Hairstreak 
Satyrium calanus godarti (W. D. Field, 1938)Banded HairstreakTL: USA (Co)
Satyrium tetra (W. H. Edwards, 1870) (Typical segregate)Mountain Mahogany HairstreakBaja California (N) to N CA
Satyrium saepium saepium (Boisduval, 1852)Hedgerow Hairstreak 
Satyrium saepium chalcis (W. H. Edwards, 1869)Hedgerow Hairstreak[= fulvescens]
Satyrium saepium caliginosum J. Emmel, T. Emmel & Mattoon, 1998Hedgerow HairstreakTL: USA (Ca)
Satyrium saepium subaridum J. Emmel, T. Emmel & Mattoon, 1998Hedgerow HairstreakTL: USA (Ca)
Satyrium saepium provo (F. Watson & W. Comstock, 1920)Hedgerow HairstreakTL: USA (Ut)
Ocaria ocrisia (Hewitson, 1868)Black Hairstreak Mexico to S Brazil and Argentina
Chlorostrymon simaethis sarita (Skinner, 1895)Silver-banded Hairstreak Mexico to Panama
Cyanophrys goodsoni (Clench, 1946)Goodson’s Greenstreak S TX to Costa Rica
Cyanophrys herodotus (Fabricius, 1793)Tropical GreenstreakS TX, E & W Mexico to Argentina
Cyanophrys miserabilis (Clench, 1946)Clench’s Greenstreak S TX to Costa Rica
Cyanophrys longula (Hewitson, 1868)Mountain Greenstreak E & W Mexico to Venezuela; one possible record for SE AZ
Cyanophrys agricolor (Butler & H. Druce, 1872)Stained GreenstreakE & W Mexico to Panama
Callophrys affinis washingtonia Clench, 1944Western Green HairstreakTL: USA (Wa)
Callophrys affinis affinis (W. H. Edwards, 1862)Western Green HairstreakTL: USA (Wy)
Callophrys affinis homoperplexa W. Barnes & Benjamin, 1923Western Green HairstreakTL: USA (Co)
Callophrys affinis apama (W. H. Edwards, 1882)Western Green HairstreakTL: USA (Az)
Callophrys dumetorum dumetorum (Boisduval, 1852)'Coastal' Sheridan's HairstreakTL: USA (Ca)
Callophrys dumetorum oregonensis Gorelick, [1970]Lotus HairstreakTL: USA (Wa)
Callophrys dumetorum superperplexa J. Emmel, T. Emmel & Mattoon, 1998Sheridan's Hairstreak[possibly conspecific with C. sheridanii]
Callophrys sheridanii pseudodumetorum J. Emmel, T. Emmel & Mattoon, 1998Sheridan's Hairstreak[= nr. dumetorum of Warren '05], W OR, NW CA Siskiyous low elev.
Callophrys sheridanii lemberti Tilden, 1963Sheridan's Hairstreak 
Callophrys sheridanii comstocki Henne, 1940'Desert' Sheridan's HairstreakTL: USA (Ca)
Callophrys sheridanii sheridanii (W. H. Edwards, 1877)Sheridan's HairstreakTL: USA (Wy)
Callophrys gryneus castalis (W. H. Edwards, 1871)'Texas' Juniper HairstreakTL: USA (Tx)
Callophrys gryneus siva (W. H. Edwards, 1874)'Siva' Juniper Hairstreak[= clenchi, turkingtoni]
Callophrys gryneus (Hübner, [1819]) (Columbia Basin segregate)Juniper Hairstreak[nr. chalcosiva]
Callophrys gryneus (Hübner, [1819]) (S Sierra Nevada on Juniperus)Juniper HairstreakS Sierra Nevada (Tulare Co.); on Juniperus; formerly "barryi"; similar in SB Mts
Callophrys gryneus nelsoni (Boisduval, 1869)'Nelson's' Cedar HairstreakTL: USA (Ca)
Callophrys gryneus plicataria K. Johnson, 1976Cedar HairstreakTL: Canada
Callophrys gryneus juniperaria (J. A. Comstock, 1925)Cedar HairstreakTL: USA (Ca)
Callophrys gryneus mansfieldi (Tilden, 1951)'Mansfield's' Juniper HairstreakTL: USA (Ca)
Callophrys loki loki (Skinner, 1907)'Loki' Juniper HairstreakBaja California Norte
Callophrys loki thornei (J. Brown, 1983)Thorne's HairstreakTL: USA (Ca)
Callophrys muiri (Hy. Edwards, 1881)Muir's HairstreakTL: USA (Ca)
Callophrys xami xami (Reakirt, [1867])Xami HairstreakS AZ, W & C Mexico to Oaxaca
Callophrys xami texami Clench, 1981Xami HairstreakS TX, far NE Mexico
Callophrys spinetorum spinetorum (Hewitson, 1867)Thicket HairstreakTL: USA (Ca)
Callophrys johnsoni (Skinner, 1904)Johnson's HairstreakTL: Canada (BC)
Callophrys augustinus concava (Austin, 1998)Brown ElfinTL: USA (Nv)
Callophrys augustinus iroides (Boisduval, 1852)Brown ElfinBaja California Norte
Callophrys augustinus annetteae (dos Passos, 1943)Brown Elfinfar NW Mexico
Callophrys fotis mojavensis (Austin, 1998)Desert ElfinTL: USA (Nv)
Callophrys mossii schryveri (Cross, 1937)Moss' ElfinTL: USA (Co)
Callophrys mossii (Hy. Edwards, 1881) (NE Cascadian segregate)Moss' ElfinNE Cascades (N OR, WA), E slope
Callophrys mossii (Hy. Edwards, 1881) (W Oregon segregate)Moss' Elfin[nr. mossii]
Callophrys mossii marinensis (J. Emmel, T. Emmel & Mattoon, 1998)Moss' ElfinTL: USA (Ca)
Callophrys mossii bayensis R. Brown, 1969Moss' ElfinTL: USA (Ca)
Callophrys mossii doudoroffi (dos Passos, 1940)Moss' ElfinTL: USA (Ca)
Callophrys mossii hidakupa (J. Emmel, T. Emmel & Mattoon, 1998)Moss' ElfinTL: USA (Ca)
Callophrys mossii windi (Clench, 1943)Moss' ElfinTL: USA (Ca)
Callophrys mossii (Hy. Edwards, 1881) (Siskiyou segregate)Moss' ElfinSiskiyou Mts., SW OR, Mts.of NW CA
Callophrys mossii (Hy. Edwards, 1881) (Mt. Diablo segregate)Moss' ElfinMt. Diablo & vic., Contra Costa Co., CA
Callophrys polios obscurus (Ferris & M. Fisher, 1973)Hoary ElfinTL: USA (Co)
Callophrys eryphon eryphon (Boisduval, 1852)Western Pine ElfinTL: USA (Ca)
Callophrys eryphon pallescens (Austin, 1998)Western Pine ElfinTL: USA (Nv)
Callophrys eryphon fusca (Austin, 1998)Western Pine ElfinTL: USA (Az)
Allosmaitia strophius (Godart, [1824])Strophius HairstreakS TX, E & W Mexico to S Brazil
Laothus erybathis (Hewitson, 1867)Erybathis HairstreakE & W Mexico to Colombia
Arzecla sethon (Godman & Salvin, 1887)Large GroundstreakMexico to Panama
Arumecla galliena (Hewitson, 1877)Red-based GroundstreakMexico to Ecuador
Electrostrymon hugon (Godart, [1824])Ruddy Hairstreak[= sangala, = cyphara] S TX to Venezuela
Electrostrymon joya (Dognin, 1895)Muted Hairstreak[= canus] S TX to Peru
Electrostrymon guzanta (Schaus, 1902)Orange-crescent GroundstreakW and S TX to Nicaragua
Rubroserrata mathewi (Hewitson, 1874)Mathew’s GroundstreakMexico to Panama
Kisutam syllis (Godman & Salvin, 1887)Sky-blue GroundstreakS TX (rare stray), E & W Mexico to S Brazil
Calycopis clarina (Hewitson, 1874)White-striped GroundstreakTL: Mexico
Calycopis demonassa (Hewitson, 1868)Shining GroundstreakTL: Brazil (Pa)
Calycopis calus (Godart, [1824])Calus Groundstreak TL: America
Calycopis cecrops (Fabricius, 1793)Red-banded HairstreakE USA, New Providence Island, Bahamas
Calycopis isobeon (Butler & H. Druce, 1872)Dusky-blue Groundstreak TL: Costa Rica
Strymon melinus franki W. D. Field, 1938Gray Hairstreak TL: USA (Kansas)
Strymon melinus setonia McDunnough, 1927Gray HairstreakTL: Canada
Strymon melinus atrofasciata McDunnough, 1921Gray HairstreakTL: Canada
Strymon melinus pudica (Hy. Edwards, 1877)Gray HairstreakBaja California
Strymon rufofusca (Hewitson, 1877)Red-crescent Scrub-HairstreakS TX, E & W Mexico to Paraguay, Lesser Antilles
Strymon albata (C. Felder & R. Felder, 1865)White Scrub-Hairsreak[= sedecia] S TX to Venezuela
Strymon alea (Godman & Salvin, 1887)Lacey’s Scrub-Hairstreak[= laceyi] TX to Venezuela
Strymon bebrycia (Hewitson, 1868)Red-lined Scrub-HairstreakSE AZ to S TX to Costa Rica
Strymon yojoa (Reakirt, [1867])Yojoa Scrub-HairstreakSE AZ, S TX to S Brazil
Strymon cestri (Reakirt, [1867])Tailless Scrub-HairstreakSE AZ, S TX to S Brazil
Strymon bazochii bazochii (Godart, [1824])Lantana Scrub-HairstreakS TX, E & W Mexico to Argentina
Strymon istapa istapa (Reakirt, [1867])Mallow Scrub-HairstreakS TX, E & W Mexico to Argentina
Strymon serapio (Godman & Salvin, 1887)Bromeliad Scrub-HairstreakS TX (stray) to S Brazil
Strymon gabatha (Hewitson, 1870)Great Scrub-HairstreakMexico to Peru
Strymon monopeteinus Schwartz & J. Y. Miller, 1985 Shining Scrub-HairstreakHispaniola
Strymon megarus (Godart, [1824])Megarus Scrub-Hairstreak Mexico to S Brazil
Strymon ziba (Hewitson, 1868)Ziba Scrub-HairstreakMexico to S Brazil and Argentina
Tmolus echion echiolus (Draudt, 1920)Red-spotted HairstreakHawaii, Mexico to S Brazil
Tmolus crolinus Butler & H. Druce, 1872Crolinus HairstreakCosta Rica to Venezuela
Nicolaea heraldica (Dyar, 1914)Heraldica HairstreakMexico to C Brazil
Ministrymon leda (W. H. Edwards, 1882)Leda MinistreakSW USA to C Mexico
Ministrymon clytie (W. H. Edwards, 1877)Clytie Ministreak S TX (?S AZ) to Costa Rica
Ministrymon arola (Hewitson, 1868)Arola Ministreak[= coronta?] Mexico to Costa Rica
Ministrymon phrutus (Geyer, 1832)Purple-webbed MinistreakMexico to Brazil
Ministrymon azia (Hewitson, 1873) (1860)Gray Ministreak[= guacanagari], SE AZ & S TX (strays) to Argentina, Antilles
Ministrymon janevicroy Glassberg, 2013 Pebbly Ministreak Texas to Costa Rica & Curacao and Isla Margarita (Venezuela)
Gargina gnosia (Hewitson, 1868)Gnosia HairstreakMexico to Argentina
Theclopsis mycon (Godman & Salvin, 1887)Mycon HairstreakMX to Venezuela
Strephonota tephraeus (Geyer, 1837)Pearly-gray Hairstreak S Texas to Brazil
Panthiades bitias (Cramer, 1777)Bitias HairstreakMexico to Brazil
Panthiades bathildis (C. Felder & R. Felder, 1865)Zebra-striped Hairstreak Mexico to N Brazil
Oenomaus ortygnus (Cramer, 1779)Aquamarine HairstreakMexico to Brazil
Parrhasius polibetes (Stoll, 1781)Black-spot HairstreakE & W Mexico to Uruguay & Argentina
Parrhasius m-album (Boisduval & Le Conte, [1833]) (1793)White-M HairstreakS. Ontario CAN, E US from NH & WI to TX
Parrhasius moctezuma (Clench, 1971)Mexican-M HairstreakMexico to Nicaragua
Michaelus jebus (Godart, [1824])Variegated HairstreakE & W Mexico to S Brazil & Argentina
Ignata gadira (Hewitson, 1867)Gadira HairstreakMexico to Panama
Ignata caldas Robbins 2010Caldas HairstreakMexico to SE Peru in the Amazon Basin
Aubergina paetus (Godman & Salvin, 1887)Paetus HairstreakMexico to Colombia
Dicya carnica (Hewitson, 1873)Carnica HairstreakMexico to Argentina
Erora quaderna (Hewitson, 1868)Arizona Hairstreak [= sanfordi], C & SE AZ, SW NM, W TX, E & W Mexico to Oaxaca
Chalybs janias (Cramer, 1779)Janias GreenstreakMexico to Brazil
    Subfamily Polyommatinae Swainson, 1827Blues 
Leptotes cassius cassidula (Boisduval, 1870)Cassius Blue[= striata], S TX, E & W Mexico to Panama
Leptotes marina (Reakirt, 1868)Marine BlueTL: Mexico (Ver)
Brephidium exilis exilis (Boisduval, 1852)Western Pygmy-BlueTL: USA (Ca)
Brephidium pseudofea pseudofea (Morrison, 1873)Eastern Pygmy-BlueTL: USA (Fl)
Zizula cyna (W. H. Edwards, 1881)Cyna BlueTL: USA (Tx)
Cupido comyntas comyntas (Godart, [1824])Eastern Tailed-BlueSE Canada, E USA to E CO, N & NE TX
Cupido comyntas texana (F. Chermock, 1945)Eastern Tailed-BlueC & W TX, S NM, SE AZ, S to Ecuador
Cupido comyntas sissona (W. G. Wright, 1905)Eastern Tailed-Blue[= pacnowe], Baja to W WA + NE OR, E WA, N ID, SE BC
Cupido amyntula montanorum (Austin, 1998)Western Tailed-BlueTL: USA (Nv)
Cupido amyntula amyntula (Boisduval, 1852)Western Tailed-BlueBaja California Norte
Cupido amyntula herri (F. Grinnell, 1901)Western Tailed-BlueTL: USA (Az)
Celastrina lucia lumarco Scott, 2006Lucia AzureTL: USA (Co)
Celastrina echo echo (W. H. Edwards, 1864)Pacific AzureTL: USA (Ca)
Celastrina echo sidara (Clench, 1944)Rocky Mountain AzureTL: USA (Co)
Celastrina echo cinerea (W. H. Edwards, 1883)Southwestern AzureTL: USA (Az)
Celastrina echo gozora (Boisduval, 1870) Mexican AzureTL: Honduras; Mexico
Celastrina ladon (Cramer, 1780)Spring AzureTL: USA (Md)
Celastrina neglecta (W. H. Edwards, 1862)Summer AzureTL: USA (NY)
Echinargus isola (Reakirt, [1867])Reakirt’s Blue[= alce], 
Hemiargus ceraunus astenidas (Lucas, 1857)Ceraunus Blue[= zachaeina], C & S TX, E & S Mexico to Panama
Hemiargus ceraunus gyas (W. H. Edwards, 1871)Ceraunus BlueSW USA, NW Mexico
Philotes sonorensis sonorensis (C. Felder & R. Felder, 1865)Sonoran BlueTL: [USA (Ca)]
Philotes sonorensis (C. Felder & R. Felder, 1865) (Sierra Nevada segregate)Sonoran BlueSierra Nevada Mts., CA
Philotiella speciosa speciosa (Hy. Edwards, 1877)Small BlueTL: USA (Ca)
Philotiella speciosa septentrionalis Austin, 1998Small BlueTL: USA (Nv)
Philotiella speciosa bohartorum (Tilden, [1969])Small BlueTL: USA (Ca)
Philotiella speciosa purisima Priestaf & J. Emmel, 1998Small BlueTL: USA (Ca)
Philotiella leona Hammond & McCorkle, 2000Leona's BlueTL: USA (Or)
Euphilotes [battoides] (Behr, 1867) (high-elevation, C & S Cascades)Square-spotted Blue[on Eriogonum marifolium], C & S Cascades, OR, far N CA
Euphilotes battoides battoides (Behr, 1867)Square-spotted BlueTL: USA (Ca)
Euphilotes battoides argocyanea Pratt & J. Emmel, 1998Square-spotted BlueTL: USA (Ca)
Euphilotes battoides mazourka Pratt & J. Emmel, 1998Square-spotted BlueTL: USA (Ca)
Euphilotes battoides panamintensis Pratt & J. Emmel, 1998Square-spotted BlueTL: USA (Ca)
Euphilotes battoides allyni (Shields, 1975)Square-spotted BlueTL: USA (Ca)
Euphilotes battoides vernalis Pratt & J. Emmel, 1998Square-spotted BlueTL: USA (Ca)
Euphilotes glaucon glaucon (W. H. Edwards, 1871)Glaucon BlueTL: USA (Nv)
Euphilotes glaucon oregonensis (W. Barnes & McDunnough, 1917)Glaucon BlueTL: USA (Or)
Euphilotes glaucon australoglaucon Pratt & J. Emmel, 1998Glaucon BlueTL: USA (Ca)
Euphilotes glaucon comstocki (Shields, 1975)Glaucon BlueTL: USA (Ca)
Euphilotes glaucon intermedia (W. Barnes & McDunnough, 1917)Glaucon BlueTL: USA (Ca)
Euphilotes glaucon (W. H. Edwards, 1871) (N Cascades segregate)Glaucon BlueMt. Hood, OR, Mt. Adams, WA, N into WA Cascades
Euphilotes centralis centralis (W. Barnes & McDunnough, 1917)Central BlueTL: USA (Co)
Euphilotes centralis hadrochilus Pratt & J. Emmel, 1998Central BlueTL: USA (Ca)
Euphilotes bernardino bernardino (W. Barnes & McDunnough, 1916)Bernardino BlueTL: USA (Ca)
Euphilotes bernardino inyomontana Pratt & J. Emmel, 1998Bernardino BlueTL: USA (Ca)
Euphilotes bernardino martini (Mattoni, 1954)'Martin's' Bernardino BlueHypothetical for Sonora
Euphilotes ellisii euromojavensis Pratt & J. Emmel, 1998Ellis' BlueTL: USA (Ca)
Euphilotes ellisii avawatz Pratt & J. Emmel, 1998Ellis' BlueTL: USA (Ca)
Euphilotes baueri baueri (Shields, 1975)Bauer's BlueTL: USA (Ca)
Euphilotes mojave mojave (F. Watson & W. Comstock, 1920)Mojave BlueTL: USA (Ca)
Euphilotes enoptes enoptes (Boisduval, 1852)Dotted BlueTL: USA (Ca)
Euphilotes enoptes bayensis (Langston, 1964)Dotted BlueTL: USA (Ca)
Euphilotes enoptes (Boisduval, 1852) (Siskiyou segregate)Dotted BlueSiskiyou Mts., NW CA, SW OR
Euphilotes enoptes (Boisduval, 1852) (Cascades, low elevations)Dotted BlueW ORE Cascades below 4000', also SE WA Cascades
Euphilotes enoptes (Boisduval, 1852) (OR Cascades, high elevations)Dotted BlueORE Cascades above 4000'
Euphilotes enoptes tildeni (Langston, 1964) 'Tilden's' Dotted BlueTL: USA (Ca)
Euphilotes enoptes arenacola Pratt & J. Emmel, 1998 'Sand Dune' Dotted BlueTL: USA (Ca)
Euphilotes enoptes smithi (Mattoni, 1954)'Smith's' Dotted BlueTL: USA (Ca)
Euphilotes enoptes dammersi (J. A. Comstock & Henne, 1933)'Dammers' Dotted BlueTL: USA (Ca)
Euphilotes enoptes cryptorufes Pratt & J. Emmel, 1998'Cryptorufes' Dotted BlueTL: USA (Ca)
Euphilotes enoptes langstoni (Shields, 1975)'Langston's' Dotted BlueTL: USA (Ca)
Euphilotes columbiae (Mattoni, 1954) (Typical segregate)Columbian BlueTL: USA (Wa)
Euphilotes columbiae (Mattoni, 1954) (C Oregon segregate)Columbian BlueOchoco Mts, also W Jefferson Co., OR
Euphilotes ancilla ancilla (W. Barnes & McDunnough, 1918)Ancilla BlueTL: USA (Ut)
Euphilotes ancilla (W. Barnes & McDunnough, 1918) (SE OR segregate)Ancilla Blue 
Euphilotes ancilla barnesi Opler & M. Fisher, 2009Ancilla BlueTL: USA (Co)
Euphilotes ancilla pseudointermedia Pratt & J. Emmel, 1998Ancilla BlueTL: USA (Ca)
Euphilotes rita rita (W. Barnes & McDunnough, 1916)Rita’s BlueTL: USA (Az)
Euphilotes rita coloradensis (Mattoni, [1966])Rita’s BlueTL: USA (Co)
Euphilotes pallescens calneva J. Emmel & T. Emmel, 1998Pallid BlueTL: USA (Ca)
Euphilotes pallescens confusa Pratt & J. Emmel, 1998Pallid BlueTL: USA (Ca)
Euphilotes pallescens elvirae (Mattoni, [1966])Pallid BlueTL: USA (Ca)
Euphilotes spaldingi spaldingi (W. Barnes & McDunnough, 1917)Spalding's BlueTL: USA (Ut)
Euphilotes spaldingi pinjuna Scott, 1981Spalding's BlueTL: USA (Co)
Glaucopsyche piasus umbrosa J. Emmel, T. Emmel & Mattoon, 1998Arrowhead BlueTL: USA (Ca)
Glaucopsyche piasus sagittigera (C. Felder & R. Felder, 1865)Arrowhead BlueTL: [USA (Ca)]
Glaucopsyche piasus gabrielina J. Emmel, T. Emmel & Mattoon, 1998Arrowhead BlueTL: USA (Ca)
Glaucopsyche piasus excubita J. Emmel, T. Emmel & Mattoon, 1998Arrowhead BlueTL: USA (Ca)
Glaucopsyche piasus piasus (Boisduval, 1852)Arrowhead BlueTL: USA (Ca)
Glaucopsyche piasus toxeuma F. Brown, 1971Arrowhead BlueTL: Canada (BC)
Glaucopsyche piasus nevada F. Brown, 1975Arrowhead BlueTL: USA (Nv)
Glaucopsyche piasus daunia (W. H. Edwards, 1871)Arrowhead BlueTL: USA (Co)
Glaucopsyche lygdamus oro (Scudder, 1876)Silvery BlueTL: USA (Co)
Glaucopsyche lygdamus arizonensis McDunnough, 1936Silvery Blue 
Glaucopsyche lygdamus australis F. Grinnell, 1917Silvery Blue 
Glaucopsyche lygdamus palosverdesensis E. Perkins & J. Emmel, 1977 Silvery BlueTL: USA (Ca)
Glaucopsyche lygdamus sabulosa J. Emmel, T. Emmel & Mattoon, 1998Silvery BlueTL: USA (Ca)
Glaucopsyche lygdamus incognitus Tilden, 1974Silvery BlueTL: USA (Ca)
Glaucopsyche lygdamus orcus (W. H. Edwards, 1869)Silvery BlueTL: [USA (Nv)]
Glaucopsyche lygdamus (E. Doubleday, 1841) (Sierra Nevada, high elevations)Silvery Blue 
Glaucopsyche lygdamus columbia (Skinner, 1917)Silvery BlueTL: USA (Wa)
Plebejus idas (Linnaeus, 1761) (NE Oregon segregate)Northern Blue[nr. atrapraetextus]
Plebejus anna anna (W. H. Edwards, 1861)Anna's BlueTL: USA (Ca)
Plebejus anna ricei Cross, 1937Anna's BlueTL: USA (Or)
Plebejus anna lotis (Lintner, 1878)Anna's BlueTL: USA (Ca)
Plebejus anna azureus (J. Emmel, T. Emmel & Mattoon, 1998)Anna's BlueTL: USA (Ca)
Plebejus anna benwarner Scott, 2006Anna's BlueTL: USA (Ca)
Plebejus melissa melissa (W. H. Edwards, 1873)Melissa BlueTL: USA (Co)
Plebejus melissa pseudosamuelis (Nabokov, 1949)Melissa BlueTL: USA (Co)
Plebejus melissa inyoensis (Nabokov, 1949)Melissa BlueTL: USA (Ca)
Plebejus melissa paradoxa F. Chermock, 1945Melissa BlueBaja California Norte
Plebejus fridayi F. Chermock, 1945 (Typical segregate)Friday's BlueTL: USA (Ca)
Plebejus fridayi F. Chermock, 1945 (White Mountains segregate)Friday's Blue California White Mountains
Plebulina emigdionis (F. Grinnell, 1905)San Emigdio BlueTL: USA (Ca)
Icaricia saepiolus rufescens (Boisduval, 1869)Greenish BlueTL: USA (Ca)
Icaricia saepiolus aehaja (Behr, 1867)Greenish BlueTL: USA (Ca)
Icaricia saepiolus albomontanus Austin & J. Emmel, 1998Greenish BlueTL: USA (Ca)
Icaricia saepiolus whitmeri F. Brown, 1951Greenish BlueTL: USA (Co)
Icaricia icarioides evius (Boisduval, 1869)Boisduval’s BlueBaja California Norte
Icaricia icarioides santana (J. Emmel, T. Emmel & Mattoon, 1998)Boisduval's BlueTL: USA (Ca)
Icaricia icarioides moroensis Sternitzky, 1930Boisduval's BlueTL: USA (Ca)
Icaricia icarioides atascadero (J. Emmel, T. Emmel & Mattoon, 1998)Boisduval's BlueTL: USA (Ca)
Icaricia icarioides pardalis (Behr, 1867)Boisduval's BlueTL: USA (Ca)
Icaricia icarioides missionensis Hovanitz, 1937Boisduval's BlueTL: USA (Ca)
Icaricia icarioides parapheres (J. Emmel, T. Emmel & Mattoon, 1998)Boisduval's BlueTL: USA (Ca)
Icaricia icarioides (Boisduval, 1852) (Mary's Peak, Benton Co., W OR)Boisduval's Blue 
Icaricia icarioides (Boisduval, 1852) (N Cascades, OR, high elevations)Boisduval's Blue 
Icaricia icarioides (Boisduval, 1852) (S Cascades, OR, high elevations)Boisduval's Blue 
Icaricia icarioides helios (W. H. Edwards, 1871)Boisduval's BlueTL: USA (Ca)
Icaricia icarioides icarioides (Boisduval, 1852)Boisduval's BlueTL: USA (Ca)
Icaricia icarioides eosierra (J. Emmel, T. Emmel & Mattoon, 1998)Boisduval's BlueTL: USA (Ca)
Icaricia icarioides albihalos (J. Emmel, T. Emmel & Mattoon, 1998)Boisduval's BlueTL: USA (Ca)
Icaricia icarioides inyo (J. Emmel, T. Emmel & Mattoon, 1998)Boisduval's BlueTL: USA (Ca)
Icaricia icarioides argusmontana (J. Emmel, T. Emmel & Mattoon, 1998)Boisduval's BlueTL: USA (Ca)
Icaricia icarioides panamintina (J. Emmel, T. Emmel & Mattoon, 1998)Boisduval's BlueTL: USA (Ca)
Icaricia icarioides fulla (W. H. Edwards, 1870)Boisduval's BlueTL: USA (Ca)
Icaricia icarioides pembina (W. H. Edwards, 1862)Boisduval's BlueTL: USA (Mt)
Icaricia icarioides lycea (W. H. Edwards, 1864)Boisduval's BlueTL: USA (Co)
Icaricia icarioides buchholzi dos Passos, 1938Boisduval's Blue Chihuahua, Mexico
Icaricia shasta shasta (W. H. Edwards, 1862)Shasta BlueTL: USA (Ca)
Icaricia shasta calchas (Behr, 1867)Shasta BlueTL: USA (Ca)
Icaricia shasta (W. H. Edwards, 1862) (NW fringe Great Basin segregate)Shasta BlueWhite Mts. CA/NV to Warner Mts. CA/OR, E to Harney Co., OR
Icaricia shasta pallidissima (Austin, 1998)Shasta BlueTL: USA (Nv)
Icaricia shasta pitkinensis Ferris, 1976Shasta Blu[= platazul]
Icaricia acmon (Westwood, [1851])Acmon BlueWA, OR, NV, CA & Baja California
Icaricia lupini texanus (Goodpasture, 1973)"Lupine" BlueTL: USA (Az)
Icaricia lupini lutzi dos Passos, 1938"Lupine" BlueTL: USA (Id)
Icaricia lupini (Boisduval, 1869) (SE Oregon segregate)"Lupine" Blue 
Icaricia lupini (Boisduval, 1869) (W Columbia Basin segregate)"Lupine" Blue 
Icaricia lupini (Boisduval, 1869) (SE Cascades, OR, NE CA)"Lupine" Blue 
Icaricia lupini (Boisduval, 1869) (Siskiyous, W OR Cascades)"Lupine" Blue 
Icaricia lupini lupini (Boisduval, 1869)"Lupine" BlueTL: USA (Ca)
Icaricia lupini alpicola (J. Emmel, T. Emmel & Mattoon, 1998)"Lupine" BlueTL: USA (Ca)
Icaricia lupini dedeckera (J. Emmel, T. Emmel & Mattoon, 1998)"Lupine" BlueTL: USA (Ca)
Icaricia lupini argentata (J. Emmel, T. Emmel & Mattoon, 1998)"Lupine" BlueTL: USA (Ca)
Icaricia lupini chlorina (Skinner, 1902)Chlorina BlueTL: USA (Ca)
Icaricia lupini monticola (Clemence, 1909)Monticola BlueBaja California Norte
Icaricia lupini (Boisduval, 1869) complex (Cascades, high elevations)Cascadian BlueC Cascades of OR to S WA, on Eriogonum pyrolifolium
Icaricia cotundra Scott, 2006Cotundra BlueTL: USA (Co)
Icaricia neurona (Skinner, 1902)Veined BlueTL: USA (Ca)
Agriades glandon rustica (W. H. Edwards, 1865)Arctic BlueTL: USA (Co)
Agriades glandon punctatus (Austin, 1998)Arctic BlueTL: USA (Az)
Agriades glandon cassiope (J. Emmel & T. Emmel, 1998)Arctic BlueTL: USA (Ca)
Agriades podarce cilla (Behr, 1867)Sierra BlueTL: USA (Ca)
Agriades podarce podarce (C. Felder & R. Felder, 1865)Sierra BlueTL: USA (Ca)
Agriades podarce klamathensis (J. Emmel & T. Emmel, 1998)Sierra BlueTL: USA (Ca)
    Family RIODINIDAE Grote, 1895 (1827)METALMARKS 
    Subfamily Euselasiinae Kirby, 1871Euselasia and relatives 
Euselasia hieronymi hieronymi (Godman & Salvin, 1868)Red-rayed Euselasia E Mexico to Nicaragua
    Subfamily Riodininae Grote, 1895 (1827)True Metalmarks 
Mesosemia lamachus Hewitson, 1857Purple-washed Eyed-Metalmark[= tertica], E & W Mexico to Colombia
Voltinia umbra (Boisduval, 1870) (Typical segregate)Quilted Metalmark E Mexico to Panama
Ithomiola theages tessera Hall, 2005White-spotted MetalmarkSE Mexico to Costa Rica
Rhetus arcius thia (Morisse, 1838)Long-tailed MetalmarkE Mexico
Brachyglenis esthema esthema C. Felder & R. Felder, 1862White-rayed MetalmarkCosta Rica & Colombia
Brachyglenis dinora (H. Bates, 1866)Dinora MetalmarkNicaragua to Colombia
Notheme erota diadema Stichel, 1910Tawny MetalmarkS Mexico to Bolivia
Detritivora barnesi (J. Hall & Harvey, 2001)Barnes' MetalmarkSE Mexico to W Ecuador
Calephelis virginiensis (Guérin-Méneville, [1832])Little MetalmarkE TX to FL, N to VA
Calephelis nemesis australis (W. H. Edwards, 1877)Fatal CalephelisS TX, NE Mexico
Calephelis nemesis nemesis (W. H. Edwards, 1871)Fatal CalephelisSE AZ, S NM, NW Mexico
Calephelis nemesis dammersi McAlpine, 1971Fatal Calephelis[= californica], S CA, Baja California 
Calephelis perditalis perditalis W. Barnes & McDunnough, 1918Rounded CalephelisS TX to SE Mexico
Calephelis wrighti W. Holland, 1930Wright’s CalephelisBaja California, lower Colorado River drainage
Calephelis arizonensis McAlpine, 1971Arizona Calephelis SE AZ, SW NM, NW Mexico
Calephelis velutina (Godman & Salvin, 1878)Dark CalephelisS Mexico to Colombia
Caria ino melicerta Schaus, 1890Red-bordered MetalmarkE Mexico, S TX
Baeotis zonata zonata R. Felder, 1869Bumblebee MetalmarkE & W Mexico to Venezuela 
Lasaia sula peninsularis Clench, 1972Blue LasaiaS TX, E Mexico
Lasaia sessilis Schaus, 1890Gray LasaiaE & S Mexico to Costa Rica
Lasaia maria maria Clench, 1972Blue-gray LasaiaW Mexico to Guatemala, Honduras
Lasaia maria anna Clench, 1972Blue-gray LasaiaE Mexico
Melanis pixe pixe (Boisduval, 1836)Pixie [= sexpunctata], S TX, E & W Mexico to Guatemala
Sarota myrtea Godman & Salvin, 1886Godman's SarotaE Mexico to W Ecuador, Venezuela to Argentina
Anteros carausius carausius Westwood, 1851Carousing AnterosE & W Mexico to Colombia
Calydna sturnula (Geyer, 1837)Sturnula Metalmark[= hegias, = sinuata], E & W Mexico to Panama
Emesis aurimna (Boisduval, 1870)White-spotted Emesis E & S Mexico to Colombia
Emesis mandana furor Butler & H. Druce, 1872Great Emesis E & W Mexico to Costa Rica
Emesis tegula Godman & Salvin, 1886Tegula EmesisE & W Mexico to Colombia
Emesis poeas Godman, 1901Thorn-scrub Emesis W Mexico
Emesis fatimella nobilata Stichel, 1910Fatimella Emesis S Mexico to Colombia, Guianas, Trinidad
Emesis tenedia C. Felder & R. Felder, 1861Falcate EmesisS TX (as stray), E & W Mexico to Brazil
Emesis zela cleis (W. H. Edwards, 1882)Zela Emesis S AZ, SW NM, NW Mexico
Emesis zela zela Butler, 1870Zela EmesisW & C Mexico to Guatemala
Emesis ares (W. H. Edwards, 1882)Ares EmesisSE AZ, SW NM, NW Mexico
Emesis emesia (Hewitson, 1867)Curve-winged EmesisE & W Mexico to Yucatan
Apodemia mormo mormo (C. Felder & R. Felder, 1859)Mormon MetalmarkColumbia Basin, NW Great Basin to E edge Cascades, Siskiyous
Apodemia mormo autumnalis Austin, 1998Mormon MetalmarkN AZ, N NM, SE CA, SW UT, S NV; possibly E to SW CO
Apodemia mormo cythera (W. H. Edwards, 1873)Mormon Metalmarkwidespread in S CA, univoltine in fall
Apodemia mormo tuolumnensis Opler & Powell, 1962Mormon MetalmarkC & S Sierra Nevada, at least
Apodemia mormo langei J. A. Comstock, 1939Mormon Metalmarkvic. Antioch, Contra Costa Co., CA
Apodemia mormo (C. Felder & R. Felder, 1859) (C & S CA Coast Ranges)Mormon MetalmarkCA San Fran. Bay area S to Baywood Park area, SLO Co.
Apodemia mormo (C. Felder & R. Felder, 1859) (Cottonwood Pass segregate)Mormon Metalmark[nr. langei], Ortega Grade to Cottonwood Pass, SLO Co., CA
Apodemia virgulti peninsularis J. Emmel, T. Emmel & Pratt, 1998Behr's MetalmarkSan Jacinto, Palomar & Laguna Mts., Riv., S.D. cos., CA; univoltine
Apodemia virgulti virgulti (Behr, 1865)Behr's MetalmarkSW CA, Baja California (N); widespread, multivoltine
Apodemia virgulti arenaria J. Emmel & T. Emmel, 1998Behr's MetalmarkEl Segundo, Los Angeles Co., CA
Apodemia virgulti nigrescens J. Emmel & T. Emmel, 1998Behr's Metalmarkvic. Colton, San Bernardino Co., CA
Apodemia virgulti pratti J. Emmel & T. Emmel, 1998Behr's MetalmarkHolcomb Valley, San Bernardino Mts., San Bernardino Co., CA
Apodemia virgulti dialeucoides J. Emmel, T. Emmel & Pratt, 1998Behr's MetalmarkSan Bernardino Mts.; Sugarloaf Mt. E to Onyx Peak; univoltine
Apodemia virgulti mojavelimbus J. Emmel, T. Emmel & Pratt, 1998Behr's MetalmarkSW edge Mojave Desert & San Gabriel Mts.; univoltine (spring)
Apodemia virgulti davenporti J. Emmel, T. Emmel & Pratt, 1998Behr's MetalmarkE slope S. Nevada (Olancha to Walker Pass); Tehachapis, Piutes
Apodemia mejicanus deserti W. Barnes & McDunnough, 1918'Desert' Mexican MetalmarkColorado Desert
Apodemia mejicanus mejicanus (Behr, 1865)Mexican MetalmarkNW Mexico, SE AZ
Apodemia mejicanus pueblo Scott, 1998'Northern' Mexican MetalmarkE NM, S-central CO, N CO, SE WY, E MT, W ND
Apodemia mejicanus (Behr, 1865) (S San Luis Valley segregate)'Dark' Mexican MetalmarkS San Luis Valley, CO-NM
Apodemia palmerii palmerii (W. H. Edwards, 1870)Palmer’s MetalmarkBaja California (N), S CA, S NV, SW UT, W AZ
Apodemia palmerii arizona Austin, [1989]Palmer’s MetalmarkC AZ to W TX, NW Mexico (SON, SIN, CHIH)
Apodemia hepburni hepburni Godman & Salvin, 1886Hepburn’s MetalmarkNW Mexico, uncommon in SE AZ, W TX
Apodemia hypoglauca hypoglauca (Godman & Salvin, 1878)Falcate MetalmarkE & W Mexico, Guatemala
Apodemia walkeri Godman & Salvin, 1886Walker’s Metalmark S TX (rare stray), E & W Mexico to NW Costa Rica
Apodemia phyciodoides W. Barnes & Benjamin, 1924Crescent Metalmark SE AZ (extirpated), NW Mexico (SON, CHIH)
Apodemia nais (W. H. Edwards, 1877)Nais MetalmarkN-central CO to SW NM, C & SE AZ, NW Mexico (CHIH,  SON, DGO)
Thisbe lycorias (Hewitson, [1853]) Banner MetalmarkE & W Mexico to Colombia & Peru
Juditha caucana (Stichel, 1911)Molpe Metalmark[ = records of molpe from region], SE Mexico to W Ecuador]
Adelotypa eudocia (Godman & Salvin, 1897)Tiny Metalmark NW Mexico to Costa Rica
    Family NYMPHALIDAE Rafinesque, 1815BRUSHFOOTS 
    Subfamily Libytheinae Boisduval, 1833Snouts 
Libytheana carinenta streckeri Austin & J. Emmel, 1998American SnoutSW USA (W TX to CA), far NW Mexico, strays far N
Libytheana carinenta larvata (Strecker, [1878])American SnoutC & S TX, NE Mexico, strays far N (regularly to to E CO)
Libytheana carinenta bachmanii (Kirtland, 1851)American SnoutE North America, [rarely Cuba]
    Subfamily Danainae Boisduval, [1833]Monarch and relatives 
    Tribe Danaini Boisduval, [1833]  
Danaus plexippus plexippus (Linnaeus, 1758)MonarchN & C America, Cuba, N Bahamas (to Crooked I.); migratory
Danaus gilippus thersippus (H. Bates, 1863)Queencontinental; SW USA & TX (strays far N) to Colombia
Danaus eresimus montezuma Talbot, 1943Soldiercontinental; S TX to Colombia (strays N)
Lycorea halia atergatis E. Doubleday, [1847]Tiger Mimic-Queencontinental; S TX (rare stray) to N South America, [St. Lucia]
Anetia thirza thirza Geyer, [1833]Cloud-forest KingC Mexico to El Salvador
    Tribe Ithomiini Godman & Salvin, 1879 (1878)Clearwings and Tigerwings 
Tithorea tarricina duenna H. Bates, 1864Cream-spotted TigerwingSE Mexico & Guatemala
Ithomia leila Hewitson, 1852Leila’s ClearwingSE Mexico & Guatemala
Ithomia patilla Hewitson, 1852Patilla ClearwingSE Mexico to Panama
Oleria paula (Weymer, 1883) (Typical segregate)Paula’s ClearwingE & SW Mexico to Panama
Dircenna klugii (Geyer, 1837) (Typical segregate)Klug’s ClearwingS TX (very rare stray), E & W Mexico to Nicaragua
Pteronymia cotytto (Guérin-Méneville, [1844]) (Typical segregate)Cotytto ClearwingE & S Mexico to Nicaragua, [Costa Rica?]
Pteronymia rufocincta (Salvin, 1869)West-Mexican ClearwingW Mexico (NAY to OAX)
Hypoleria lavinia cassotis (H. Bates, 1864)Lavinia Clearwing  S Mexico to Honduras
Greta annette moschion (Godman, 1901)'Rusted' White-spotted ClearwingW Mexico (NAY to S OAX)
Greta morgane oto (Hewitson, [1855])'Darkened' Rusty ClearwingE Mexico to Panama
    Subfamily Heliconiinae Swainson, 1822Actinotes, Heliconians and Fritillaries 
    Tribe Acraeini Boisduval, 1833Actinotes 
Altinote stratonice oaxaca (J. Y. Miller & L. Miller, 1979)Orange-disked ActinoteS Oaxaca (Sierra Madre del Sur)
    Tribe Heliconiini Swainson, 1822Longwings 
Agraulis vanillae incarnata (N. Riley, 1926)Gulf FritillarySW USA, C & S TX (strays far N) through Central America; Hawaii
Dione moneta poeyii Butler, 1873Mexican Silverspot E & W Mexico (strays N into USA) to Panama
Dione juno huascuma (Reakirt, 1866)Juno LongwingE & W Mexico through Central America
Dryadula phaetusa (Linnaeus, 1758)Banded LongwingS TX (rare stray), E & S Mexico to Brazil
Dryas iulia moderata (N. Riley, 1926)Julia S TX (strays far N), E & W Mexico through Central America
Eueides lineata Salvin & Godman, 1868Thick-edged LongwingS Mexico to Panama
Eueides isabella eva (Fabricius, 1793)Isabella’s Longwing[= zoracon], E Mexico (strays far N) through Central America
Heliconius charithonia vazquezae W. Comstock & F. Brown, 1950Zebra LongwingS TX (strays far N), E & W Mexico through Central America
Heliconius charithonia tuckeri W. Comstock & F. Brown, 1950Zebra LongwingE TX to FL (strays N), Grand Bahama, Great Abaco
Heliconius hortense Guérin-Méneville, [1844]Mexican Longwing E & W Mexico to El Salvador & Honduras
Heliconius erato petiverana (E. Doubleday, 1847)Crimson-patched LongwingS TX, E Mexico to Panama
Heliconius ismenius telchinia Doubleday, 1847Tiger-striped Longwing E Mexico to Panama
    Tribe Argynnini Swainson, 1833Fritillaries 
Euptoieta claudia (Cramer, 1775)Variegated FritillaryS N Am. (strays far N) to Panama, Bahamas, Gr. Antilles, Barbuda
Euptoieta hegesia meridiania Stichel, 1938Mexican Fritillary [= hoffmanni], S TX, W MX (strays N), E Mexico to Argentina
Boloria eunomia caelestis (Hemming, 1933)Bog Fritillarynorth and central Colorado Rocky Mountains
Boloria selene tollandensis (W. Barnes & Benjamin, 1925)Silver-bordered Fritillary TL: USA (Co)
Boloria freija browni (Higgins, 1953)Freija FritillaryTL: USA (Co)
Boloria chariclea helena (W. H. Edwards, 1871)Purplish FritillaryTL: USA (Co)
Boloria epithore sierra E. Perkins, 1973Pacific Fritillary TL: USA (Ca)
Boloria epithore chermocki E. Perkins & S. Perkins, 1966Pacific Fritillary TL: USA (Or)
Boloria frigga sagata (W. Barnes & Benjamin, 1923)Frigga FritillaryTL: USA (Co)
Speyeria diana (Cramer, 1777)Diana FritillaryTL: USA (Va)
Speyeria cybele cybele (Fabricius, 1775)Great Spangled FritillaryTL: USA (NY)
Speyeria cybele charlottii (W. Barnes, 1897)Great Spangled FritillaryTL: USA (Co)
Speyeria cybele leto (Behr, 1862)Great Spangled FritillaryTL: USA (Ca)
Speyeria cybele pugetensis F. Chermock & Frechin, 1947Great Spangled FritillaryTL: USA (Wa)
Speyeria aphrodite ethne (Hemming, 1933)Aphrodite Fritillary 
Speyeria aphrodite byblis (W. Barnes & Benjamin, 1926)Aphrodite FritillaryTL: USA (Az)
Speyeria nokomis nitocris (W. H. Edwards, 1874)Nokomis FritillaryTL: USA (Az)
Speyeria edwardsii (Reakirt, 1866)Edwards' FritillaryTL: USA (Co)
Speyeria coronis coronis (Behr, 1864)Coronis Fritillary  
Speyeria coronis simaetha dos Passos & Grey, 1945Coronis Fritillary TL: USA (Wa)
Speyeria coronis halcyone (W. H. Edwards, [1869])Coronis Fritillary TL: USA (Co)
Speyeria zerene hippolyta (W. H. Edwards, 1879)Zerene FritillaryTL: USA (Or)
Speyeria zerene gloriosa Moeck, 1957Zerene FritillaryTL: USA (Or)
Speyeria zerene (Boisduval, 1852) (S OR coastal segregate)Zerene Fritillary 
Speyeria zerene behrensii (W. H. Edwards, 1869)Zerene FritillaryTL: USA (Ca)
Speyeria zerene sonomensis J. Emmel, T. Emmel & Mattoon, 1998Zerene FritillaryTL: USA (Ca)
Speyeria zerene puntareyes J. Emmel & T. Emmel, 1998Zerene FritillaryTL: USA (Ca)
Speyeria zerene monticola (Behr, 1863)Zerene FritillaryTL: USA (Ca)
Speyeria zerene malcolmi (J. A. Comstock, 1920)Zerene FritillaryTL: USA (Ca)
Speyeria zerene zerene (Boisduval, 1852)Zerene FritillaryTL: USA (Ca)
Speyeria zerene (Boisduval, 1852) (E-central OR Cascades)Zerene Fritillary 
Speyeria zerene gunderi (J. A. Comstock, 1925)Zerene FritillaryTL: USA (Ca)
Speyeria zerene sinope dos Passos & Grey, 1945Zerene Fritillary TL: USA (Co)
Speyeria callippe adiasteoides J. Emmel, T. Emmel & Mattoon, 1998Callippe Fritillary  TL: USA (Ca)
Speyeria callippe liliana (Hy. Edwards, 1877)Callippe Fritillary  TL: USA (Ca)
Speyeria callippe callippe (Boisduval, 1852)Callippe Fritillary  TL: USA (Ca)
Speyeria callippe comstocki (Gunder, 1925)Callippe Fritillary  TL: USA (Ca)
Speyeria callippe macaria (W. H. Edwards, 1877)Callippe Fritillary  TL: USA (Ca)
Speyeria callippe laurina (W. G. Wright, 1905)Callippe Fritillary  TL: USA (Ca)
Speyeria callippe rupestris (Behr, 1863)Callippe Fritillary  TL: USA (Ca)
Speyeria callippe inornata (W. H. Edwards, 1872)Callippe Fritillary  TL: USA (Ca)
Speyeria callippe juba (Boisduval, 1869)Callippe Fritillary  TL: USA (Ca)
Speyeria callippe hagemani J. Emmel, T. Emmel & Mattoon, 1998Callippe Fritillary  TL: USA (Ca)
Speyeria callippe shasta J. Emmel, T. Emmel & Mattoon, 1998Callippe Fritillary  TL: USA (Ca)
Speyeria callippe elaine dos Passos & Grey, 1945Callippe Fritillary   TL: USA (Or)
Speyeria callippe (Boisduval, 1852) (N Siskiyous/ W Cascades, low elevations)Callippe Fritillary N Siskiyous, W Cascades, Oregon, below 3500'
Speyeria callippe semivirida (McDunnough, 1924)Callippe Fritillary 
Speyeria callippe nevadensis (W. H. Edwards, 1870)Callippe FritillaryTL: USA (Nv)
Speyeria callippe gallatini (McDunnough, 1929)Callippe Fritillary 
Speyeria callippe meadii (W. H. Edwards, 1872)Callippe FritillaryTL: USA (Co)
Speyeria egleis tehachapina (J. A. Comstock, 1920)Great Basin Fritillary TL: USA (Ca) May be extinct
Speyeria egleis egleis (Behr, 1862)Great Basin FritillaryTL: USA (Ca)
Speyeria egleis (Behr, 1862) (Warner Mts. segregate)Great Basin FritillaryWarner Mts., Lake Co. OR / Modoc Co., CA
Speyeria egleis oweni (W. H. Edwards, 1892)Great Basin FritillaryTL: USA (Ca)
Speyeria egleis mattooni J. Emmel & T. Emmel, 1998Great Basin FritillaryTL: USA (Ca)
Speyeria egleis yolaboli J. Emmel & T. Emmel, 1998Great Basin FritillaryTL: USA (Ca)
Speyeria egleis secreta dos Passos & Grey, 1945Great Basin FritillaryTL: USA (Co)
Speyeria adiaste adiaste (W. H. Edwards, 1864)Unsilvered FritillaryTL: USA (Ca)
Speyeria adiaste clemencei (J. A. Comstock, 1925)Unsilvered FritillaryTL: USA (Ca)
Speyeria atlantis sorocko Scott, Kondla & Spomer, 1998Atlantis FritillaryTL: USA (Co)
Speyeria hesperis irene (Boisduval, 1869)Northwestern FritillaryTL: USA (Ca)
Speyeria hesperis hanseni J. Emmel, T. Emmel & Mattoon, 1998Northwestern FritillaryTL: USA (Ca)
Speyeria hesperis cottlei (J. A. Comstock, 1925)Northwestern FritillaryTL: USA (Ca)
Speyeria hesperis dodgei (Gunder, 1931)Northwestern FritillaryTL: USA (Or)
Speyeria hesperis hesperis (W. H. Edwards, 1864)Northwestern FritillaryTL: USA (Co)
Speyeria hesperis electa (W. H. Edwards, 1878)Northwestern FritillaryTL: USA (Co)
Speyeria hesperis nausicaa (W. H. Edwards, 1874)Northwestern FritillaryTL: USA (Az)
Speyeria hydaspe viridicornis (J. A. Comstock, 1925)Hydaspe Fritillary 
Speyeria hydaspe hydaspe (Boisduval, 1869)Hydaspe FritillaryTL: USA (Ca)
Speyeria hydaspe tehama J. Emmel, T. Emmel & Mattoon, 1998Hydaspe FritillaryTL: USA (Ca)
Speyeria hydaspe davisi J. Emmel, T. Emmel & Mattoon, 1998Hydaspe FritillaryTL: USA (Ca)
Speyeria hydaspe rhodope (W. H. Edwards, 1877)Hydaspe FritillaryTL: Canada (BC)
Speyeria hydaspe (Boisduval, 1869) (NW OR / SW WA Coast Range)Hydaspe Fritillary 
Speyeria mormonia erinna (W. H. Edwards, 1883)Mormon FritillaryTL: USA (Wa)
Speyeria mormonia eurynome (W. H. Edwards, 1872)Mormon FritillaryTL: USA (Co)
Speyeria mormonia mormonia (Boisduval, 1869)Mormon FritillaryTL: USA (Nv)
Speyeria mormonia obsidiana J. Emmel, T. Emmel & Mattoon, 1998Mormon FritillaryTL: USA (Ca)
Speyeria mormonia luski (W. Barnes & McDunnough, 1913)Mormon FritillaryTL: USA (Az)
    Subfamily Limenitidinae Behr, 1864Sisters and Admirals 
    Tribe Limenitidini Behr, 1864    
Limenitis arthemis astyanax (Fabricius, 1775)Red-Spotted Purple 
Limenitis arthemis arizonensis W. H. Edwards, 1882'Arizona' Red-spotted PurpleTL: USA (Az)
Limenitis weidemeyerii weidemeyerii W. H. Edwards, 1861Weidemeyer’s AdmiralTL: USA (Co)
Limenitis weidemeyerii latifascia S. Perkins & E. Perkins, 1967Weidemeyer’s AdmiralTL: USA (Id)
Limenitis weidemeyerii angustifascia (W. Barnes & McDunnough, 1912)Weidemeyer’s AdmiralTL: USA (Az)
Limenitis lorquini powelli Austin & J. Emmel, 1998Lorquin's Admiral 
Limenitis lorquini pallidafacies Austin & J. Emmel, 1998Lorquin's AdmiralTL: USA (Nv)
Limenitis lorquini lorquini Boisduval, 1852Lorquin's AdmiralTL: USA (Ca)
Limenitis lorquini ilgae C. Guppy, 2001Lorquin's Admiral 
Limenitis lorquini burrisonii Maynard, 1891Lorquin's Admiral 
Limenitis archippus floridensis Strecker, 1878Viceroyvagrant in Cuba
Limenitis archippus obsoleta W. H. Edwards, 1882ViceroyNW Mexico
Limenitis archippus hoffmanni R. Chermock, 1947ViceroyE Mexico
Adelpha eulalia (E. Doubleday, [1848])Arizona Sisterfar SE CA, S NV, UT, AZ, NM, S CO, TX (strays N), Mx to Guat.
Adelpha californica (Butler, 1865)California SisterBaja California (N) to S WA, Cascade-Sierra Nevada, westward
Adelpha diocles creton Godman, 1901Short-tailed SisterE-central & S Mexico to Guatemala & El Salvador
Adelpha paroeca paroeca (H. Bates, 1864)Paroeca Sister[= emathia], E & W Mexico to W Panama
Adelpha fessonia fessonia (Hewitson, 1847)Band-celled SisterS TX, E & W Mexico to W Panama
Adelpha basiloides (H. Bates, 1865)Spot-celled SisterS TX, E & W Mexico to N Venezuela & W Ecuador
Adelpha iphicleola iphicleola (H. Bates, 1864)Iphicleola Sister[= massilides], E & W Mexico to E Panama
    Subfamily Apaturinae Boisduval, 1840Emperors 
Asterocampa celtis antonia (W. H. Edwards, [1878]) Hackberry Emperor[= jeffermont] SW USA (SE CA to TX, N to SE CO), N & C Mexico
Asterocampa leilia (W. H. Edwards, 1874)Empress leiliaS & C AZ, SW NM, S & W TX, E & NW Mexico, Baja California
Asterocampa clyton louisa D. Stallings & Turner, 1947 Tawny EmperorS TX, NE Mexico (to SLP)
Asterocampa idyja argus (H. Bates, 1864) ‘Cream-banded’ Dusky Emperor SE AZ (as vagrant), E & W Mexico to Costa Rica
Doxocopa pavon theodora (Lucas, 1857) Pavon Emperor S TX, E & W Mexico to Colombia
Doxocopa laure laure (Drury, 1773)Silver Emperorcontinental; S TX, SE AZ (uncommon) to Panama
    Subfamily Biblidinae Boisduval, 1833Exotic Brushfoots 
    Tribe Biblidini Boisduval, 1833  
Biblis hyperia aganisa Boisduval, 1836Red RimSW USA & S TX (strays N), E & W Mexico at least to Costa Rica
Mestra amymone (Ménétriés, 1857)Northern MestraS TX (strays far N), E & W Mexico to Costa Rica
    Tribe Catonephelini Orfila, 1952 (1865)  
Catonephele numilia esite (R. Felder, 1869) Blue-frosted BannerE Mexico to W Ecuador, Venezuela & Trinidad
Eunica tatila tatila (Herrich-Schäffer, [1855])Florida PurplewingE & W Mexico (strays far N from E MX) to Costa Rica
Eunica monima (Stoll, 1782)Dingy Purplewing SE AZ & S TX (strays), E & W Mexico to Venez.; Gr. Antilles, S FL
Myscelia cyananthe skinneri Mengel, 1894 Blackened BluewingNW Mexico, stray to S AZ, S CA, S NM
Myscelia cyaniris cyaniris Doubleday, [1848] Whitened BluewingE Mexico to Panama
Myscelia ethusa ethusa (Doyère, [1840])Mexican BluewingS TX, E & W Mexico
    Tribe Ageroniini E. Doubleday, 1847  
Hamadryas februa (Hübner, [1823]) (NW Mexican segregate) Gray Cracker NW Mexico
Hamadryas februa ferentina (Godart, [1824]) Gray Cracker S TX, E & S Mexico to Colombia, Trinidad, Guianas & Amazon
Hamadryas glauconome grisea Jenkins, 1983 Glaucous CrackerNW Mexico
Hamadryas glauconome glauconome (H. Bates, 1864) Glaucous CrackerS TX (rare stray), E & S Mexico to Costa Rica (Panama?)
Hamadryas atlantis lelaps (Godman & Salvin, 1883) Black-patched CrackerW Mexico
Hamadryas guatemalena marmarice (Fruhstorfer, 1916) Guatamalan CrackerS TX, most of Mexico
Hamadryas iphthime joannae Jenkins, 1983 Brownish CrackerS TX (rare stray), E & S Mexico to Costa Rica
Hamadryas amphinome mexicana (Lucas, 1853) Red CrackerE Mexico to Colombia, Cuba
    Tribe Epiphelini Jenkins, 1987  
Epiphile adrasta adrasta Hewitson, 1861Common BannerS TX (as vagrant), E Mexico to W Panama
Pyrrhogyra otolais otolais H. Bates, 1864Double-banded BannerE & W Mexico to Panama
Temenis laothoe quilapayunia R. G. De la Maza & Turrent, 1985 Orange BannerW Mexico
Temenis laothoe (Cramer, 1777) (E Mexican segregate)Orange BannerS TX (as vagrant), E Mexico
    Tribe Eubagini Burmeister, 1878  
Dynamine postverta mexicana d'Almeida, 1952 Mexican Sailor [= mylitta], S TX (rare stray), E & W Mexico, C America, Cuba
Dynamine dyonis Geyer, 1837Blue-eyed Sailor S TX, E & W Mexico to Panama
    Tribe Callicorini Orfila, 1952  
Diaethria anna anna (Guérin-Méneville, [1844])Anna’s Eighty-eightE Mexico to Costa Rica
Diaethria pandama (Doubleday, [1848]) Orange-striped Eighty-eightE & W Mexico to Panama
    Subfamily Cyrestinae Guenée, 1865 Daggerwings  
    Tribe Cyrestini Guenée, 1865  
Marpesia chiron (Fabricius, 1775) Many-banded DaggerwingS TX (strays N), E & W Mexico to Argentina, Greater Antilles
Marpesia corita corita (Westwood, 1850) Orange-banded DaggerwingE & S Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras
Marpesia harmonia (Klug, 1836)Pale DaggerwingSE Mexico & Guatemala
Marpesia petreus (Cramer, 1776) (Northern segregate)Ruddy DaggerwingS FL, S TX, E & W Mexico (strays far N) to W Ecuador
    Subfamily Nymphalinae Rafinesque, 1815 True Brushfoots  
    Tribe Nymphalini Rafinesque, 1815  
Colobura dirce dirce (Linnaeus, 1758)Dirce BeautyE & W Mexico to Argentina
Smyrna blomfildia datis Fruhstorfer, 1908 Blomfild’s BeautyS TX, E & W Mexico to Panama
Smyrna karwinskii Geyer, [1833]Karwinski’s BeautyE & W Mexico to Nicaragua
Hypanartia godmanii (H. Bates, 1864) Godman's MapwingE & W Mexico to Colombia
Hypanartia trimaculata autumna Willmott, J. Hall & Lamas, 2001 Reddish Mapwing[Mexican "kefersteini" records], E & S Mexico to Panama
Vanessa virginiensis (Drury, 1773) American LadyN Bahamas, Gr. Antilles, Hawaii, Canary Is.; N. Am. to Colombia
Vanessa cardui (Linnaeus, 1758)Painted Ladynearly cosmopolitan as vagrant; uncommon or vagrant in W. Indies
Vanessa annabella (W. D. Field, 1971)West Coast Lady  
Vanessa atalanta rubria (Fruhstorfer, 1909)Red AdmiralGr. Antilles (not PR), N Bahamas (strays), N Am. to Guat., Venez.
Aglais milberti subpallida (Cockerell, 1889) Milbert's TortoiseshellTL: USA (Co)
Aglais milberti pullum (Austin, 1998)Milbert's TortoiseshellTL: USA (Az)
Nymphalis californica (Boisduval, 1852) California TortoiseshellTL: USA (Ca)
Nymphalis antiopa antiopa (Linnaeus, 1758)Mourning CloakTL: Sweden; America
Polygonia interrogationis (Fabricius, 1798) Question Mark TL: N. America
Polygonia comma (T. Harris, 1842)Comma AnglewingTL: USA (Ma)
Polygonia satyrus satyrus  (W. H. Edwards, 1869)Satyr AnglewingTL: USA (Co)
Polygonia satyrus neomarsyas dos Passos, 1969 Satyr Anglewing[= transcanada]
Polygonia oreas silenus (W. H. Edwards, 1870)Oreas AnglewingTL: USA (Or)
Polygonia gracilis zephyrus (W. H. Edwards, 1870) Zephyr AnglewingTL: USA (Nv)
Polygonia haroldii (Dewitz, 1877)Spotless AnglewingMexico
Polygonia faunus rusticus (W. H. Edwards, 1874)Green AnglewingTL: USA (Ca)
Polygonia faunus fulvescens J. Emmel, T. Emmel & Mattoon, 1998Green AnglewingTL: USA (Ca)
Polygonia faunus hylas (W. H. Edwards, 1872) Green AnglewingTL: USA (Co)
    Tribe Victorinini Scudder, 1893  
Anartia jatrophae luteipicta (Fruhstorfer, 1907) White PeacockS TX (strays far N), E & W Mexico through Central America
Anartia jatrophae guantanamo Munroe, 1942 White PeacockS FL (strays N), Bahamas, Cuba, Turks & Caicos
Anartia fatima fatima (Fabricius, 1793)Banded PeacockS TX, E & S Mexico to far NW Colombia
Siproeta stelenes biplagiata (Fruhstorfer, 1907) Malachite S TX (strays N), E & W Mexico to Amazon, S FL, Cuba, Caymans
Siproeta epaphus epaphus (Latreille, 1813) Rusty-tipped PageS TX, S NM (rare strays), E & W Mexico to Peru
    Tribe Junoniini Reuter, 1896  
Junonia coenia coenia Hübner, [1822]Northern BuckeyeE USA (strays N), Bermuda, Cuba & Isla de Juventud
Junonia coenia grisea Austin & J. Emmel, 1998 Northern BuckeyeBaja California, California, SW Oregon (strays N & NE)
Junonia evarete nigrosuffusa W. Barnes & McDunnough, 1916 Dark BuckeyeSW USA & C TX to S Mexico (strays N)
    Tribe Melitaeini Newman, [1870]  
Euphydryas editha editha (Boisduval, 1852)Edith's CheckerspotTL: USA (Ca)
Euphydryas editha augustina (W. G. Wright, 1905)Edith's CheckerspotTL: USA (Ca)
Euphydryas editha quino (Behr, 1863) Edith’s Checkerspot, Quino CheckerspotTL: USA (Ca)
Euphydryas editha ehrlichi Baughman & Murphy, 1998Edith's CheckerspotTL: USA (Ca)
Euphydryas editha nubigena (Behr, 1863)Edith's CheckerspotTL: USA (Ca)
Euphydryas editha tahoensis Austin & Murphy, 1998Edith's Checkerspot TL: USA (Nv)
Euphydryas editha aurilacus Gunder, 1928Edith's CheckerspotTL: USA (Ca)
Euphydryas editha lawrencei Gunder, 1931 Edith's CheckerspotTL: USA (Or)
Euphydryas editha rubicunda (Hy. Edwards, 1881)Edith's CheckerspotTL: USA (Ca)
Euphydryas editha baroni (W. H. Edwards, 1879)Edith's CheckerspotTL: USA (Ca)
Euphydryas editha karinae Baughman & Murphy, 1998Edith's CheckerspotTL: USA (Ca)
Euphydryas editha luestherae Murphy & P. Ehrlich, 1981Edith's CheckerspotTL: USA (Ca)
Euphydryas editha monoensis Gunder, 1928Edith's CheckerspotTL: USA (Ca)
Euphydryas editha edithana (Strand, 1915)Edith's CheckerspotTL: USA (Ca)
Euphydryas editha (Boisduval, 1852) (C Oregon)Edith's CheckerspotPine Mtn. area, Deschutes Co., OR
Euphydryas editha mattooni Austin & Murphy, 1998Edith's CheckerspotTL: USA (Ca)
Euphydryas chalcedona kingstonensis T. Emmel & J. Emmel, 1973Chalcedon CheckerspotTL: USA (Ca)
Euphydryas chalcedona corralensis T. Emmel & J. Emmel, 1973Chalcedon CheckerspotTL: USA (Ca)
Euphydryas chalcedona hennei Scott, 1981 Chalcedon CheckerspotTL: USA (Ca)
Euphydryas chalcedona sierra (W. G. Wright, 1905)Chalcedon CheckerspotTL: USA (Ca)
Euphydryas chalcedona dwinellei (Hy. Edwards, 1881)Chalcedon CheckerspotTL: USA (Ca)
Euphydryas chalcedona olancha (W. G. Wright, 1905)Chalcedon CheckerspotTL: USA (Ca)
Euphydryas chalcedona trinitina Baughman & Murphy, 1998Chalcedon CheckerspotTL: USA (Ca)
Euphydryas chalcedona chalcedona (E. Doubleday, [1847]) Chalcedon Checkerspot[= sinecat]
Euphydryas colon sperryi F. Chermock & R. Chermock, 1945Snowberry CheckerspotTL: USA (Ca)
Euphydryas colon colon (W. H. Edwards, 1881)Snowberry CheckerspotTL: USA (Wa)
Euphydryas colon (W. H. Edwards, 1881) (E-central OR Cascades)Snowberry Checkerspot 
Euphydryas colon (W. H. Edwards, 1881) (SE Cascades, Warner Mts.)Snowberry Checkerspot[nr. wallacensis]
Euphydryas colon wallacensis Gunder, 1928Snowberry CheckerspotTL: USA (Id)
Euphydryas colon (W. H. Edwards, 1881) (central WA Cascades)Snowberry Checkerspot[often called paradoxa in literature] C WA Cascades from C Yakima to far S Chelan Co.
Euphydryas anicia (E. Doubleday, [1847]) (N WA Cascades)Anicia Checkerspot 
Euphydryas anicia brucei (W. H. Edwards, 1888)Anicia CheckerspotTL: USA (Co)
Euphydryas anicia eurytion (Mead, 1875)Anicia CheckerspotTL: USA (Co)
Euphydryas anicia magdalena W. Barnes & McDunnough, 1918 Anicia CheckerspotTL: USA (Az)
Euphydryas anicia hermosa (W. G. Wright, 1905) Anicia CheckerspotTL: USA (Az)
Euphydryas anicia capella (W. Barnes, 1897)Anicia CheckerspotTL: USA (Co)
Euphydryas anicia bernadetta Leussler, 1920Anicia Checkerspot[= rorina]
Euphydryas anicia wheeleri (Hy. Edwards, 1881)Anicia CheckerspotTL: USA (Nv)
Euphydryas anicia variicolor Baughman & Murphy, 1998Anicia CheckerspotTL: USA (Ca)
Poladryas arachne arachne (W. H. Edwards, 1869)Arachne CheckerspotTL: USA (Co)
Poladryas arachne nympha (W. H. Edwards, 1884) Arachne CheckerspotTL: USA (Az)
Chlosyne janais janais (Drury, 1782) Crimson-patch CheckerspotC & S TX, T & S Mexico to Colombia
Chlosyne ehrenbergii (Geyer, [1833])White-rayed CheckerspotMexico
Chlosyne definita anastasia (Hemming, 1934) Definite CheckerspotC & NW Mexico
Chlosyne marina (Geyer, 1837) (SW Mexico) Marina CheckerspotGuerrero and Oaxaca
Chlosyne endeis pardelina Scott, 1986 Banded CheckerspotS TX, NE Mexico
Chlosyne hippodrome hippodrome (Geyer, 1837)Simple Checkerspot E & W Mexico to Colombia
Chlosyne rosita browni Bauer, 1961 Rosita CheckerspotS TX (as stray), E Mexico
Chlosyne rosita montana A. Hall, 1924 Rosita CheckerspotC and NW Mexico, SE AZ (as stray)
Chlosyne theona brocki (Austin & M. Smith, 1998) Theona CheckerspotNW Mexico (Sonora to N Nayarit)
Chlosyne theona thekla (W. H. Edwards, 1870) Theona Checkerspotfar NW Mexico (N Sonora, SE AZ, SW NM
Chlosyne theona bollii (W. H. Edwards, 1877) Theona CheckerspotC Texas, NE Mexico
Chlosyne cyneas (Godman & Salvin, 1878)Cyneas Checkerspot SE AZ, SW NM, S to Oaxaca
Chlosyne fulvia fulvia (W. H. Edwards, 1879)Fulvia CheckerspotW NE, W KS, E CO, E NM, W TX, far NE Mexico
Chlosyne fulvia pariaensis (M. Smith & Brock, 1988) Fulvia CheckerspotS-central UT, N-central AZ
Chlosyne fulvia coronado (M. Smith & Brock, 1988) Fulvia CheckerspotAZ, SW NM, far NW Mexico
Chlosyne leanira oregonensis Bauer, 1975 Leanira Checkerspot TL: USA (Or)
Chlosyne leanira leanira (C. Felder & R. Felder, 1860)Leanira Checkerspot TL: USA (Ca)
Chlosyne leanira nebularum (Austin & M. Smith, 1998)Leanira Checkerspot TL: USA (Ca)
Chlosyne leanira elegans (Priestaf & J. Emmel, 1998) Leanira Checkerspot TL: USA (Ca)
Chlosyne leanira wrightii (W. H. Edwards, 1886) Leanira Checkerspot TL: USA (Ca)
Chlosyne leanira alma (Strecker, [1878]) Leanira Checkerspot TL: USA (Az)
Chlosyne leanira basinensis (Austin & M. Smith, 1998)Leanira Checkerspot TL: USA (Ca)
Chlosyne nycteis nycteis (E. Doubleday, [1847])Silvery CheckerspotTL: USA
Chlosyne nycteis drusius (W. H. Edwards, 1884) Silvery CheckerspotTL: USA (Co)
Chlosyne gorgone carlota (Reakirt, 1866)Gorgone CheckerspotTL: USA (Mo)
Chlosyne californica (W. G. Wright, 1905) California PatchTL: USA (Ca)
Chlosyne lacinia lacinia (Geyer, 1837)Bordered PatchC Mexico to Panama
Chlosyne lacinia crocale (W. H. Edwards, 1874) Bordered PatchNW Mexico, SW USA (strays N)
Chlosyne lacinia adjutrix Scudder, 1875 Bordered PatchNE Mexico, S & C Texas (strays N)
Chlosyne hoffmanni hoffmanni (Behr, 1863) Hoffmann's CheckerspotTL: USA (Ca)
Chlosyne hoffmanni segregata (W. Barnes & McDunnough, 1918)Hoffmann's CheckerspotTL: USA (Or)
Chlosyne hoffmanni manchada Bauer, 1960Hoffmann's CheckerspotTL: USA (Wa)
Chlosyne whitneyi (Behr, 1863)Sierra Nevada CheckerspotTL: USA (Ca)
Chlosyne acastus sabina (W. G. Wright, 1905) Sagebrush CheckerspotTL: USA (Az)
Chlosyne acastus neumoegeni (Skinner, 1895) Sagebrush CheckerspotTL: USA (Ut)
Chlosyne acastus arkanyon M. Fisher, & Scott, 2006Sagebrush CheckerspotTL: USA (Co)
Chlosyne acastus vallismortis (J. Johnson, 1938) Sagebrush CheckerspotTL: USA (Ca)
Chlosyne acastus waucoba J. Emmel, T. Emmel & Mattoon, 1998Sagebrush CheckerspotTL: USA (Ca)
Chlosyne acastus sterope (W. H. Edwards, 1870)Sagebrush CheckerspotTL: USA (Or)
Chlosyne gabbii gabbii (Behr, 1863)Gabb’s Checkerspot TL: USA (Ca)
Chlosyne gabbii atrifasciata Hawks & J. Emmel, 1998Gabb’s Checkerspot TL: USA (Ca)
Chlosyne palla eremita (W. G. Wright, 1905) Northern CheckerspotTL: USA (Ca)
Chlosyne palla palla (Boisduval, 1852)Northern CheckerspotTL: USA (Ca)
Chlosyne palla (Boisduval, 1852) (E Columbia Gorge segregate)Northern Checkerspot 
Chlosyne palla (Boisduval, 1852) (E-central OR Cascades)Northern Checkerspot 
Chlosyne palla altasierra J. Emmel, T. Emmel & Mattoon, 1998Northern CheckerspotTL: USA (Ca)
Chlosyne palla australomontana J. Emmel, T. Emmel & Mattoon, 1998 Northern CheckerspotTL: USA (Ca)
Chlosyne palla blackmorei Pelham, 2008 Northern Checkerspot 
Chlosyne palla flavula (W. Barnes & McDunnough, 1918)Northern CheckerspotTL: USA (Co)
Chlosyne damoetas damoetas (Skinner, 1902) Rockslide CheckerspotTL: USA (Co)
Microtia elva elva H. Bates, 1864ElfS AZ & S TX (as stray), E & W Mexico to Costa Rica
Dymasia dymas chara (W. H. Edwards, [1884])Tiny Checkerspot S AZ, S NM, W TX, NW Mexico, Baja California Sur
Dymasia dymas imperialis (Bauer, 1959) Tiny Checkerspot S CA, Baja California Norte
Texola perse (W. H. Edwards, 1882)Arizona CheckerspotS AZ, SW NM, N Sonora, NW Chihuahua
Texola elada hepburni (Godman, 1901)Elada CheckerspotNW Mexico
Texola elada ulrica (W. H. Edwards, 1877)Elada Checkerspot C & W TX, NE Mexico
Eresia phillyra phillyra Hewitson, 1852Longwing CrescentE & S Mexico, Guatemala
Castilia eranites (Hewitson, 1857)Mimic CrescentS Mexico to Colombia & Venezuela
Castilia myia (Hewitson, [1864]) Mayan Crescent E & W Mexico to Panama
Castilia griseobasalis (Röber, 1913) Gray-based CrescentE & W Mexico to Costa Rica
Tegosa anieta luka Higgins, 1981 Black-bordered Crescent   S TX (rare stray), E Mexico to Honduras
Tegosa guatemalena (H. Bates, 1864) Guatemalan CrescentE & W Mexico, Guatemala, Belize
Anthanassa texana texana (W. H. Edwards, 1863)Texan Crescent AZ to TX (strays far N), Baja, E & W Mexico to Guatemala
Anthanassa texana seminole (Skinner, 1911) Texan Crescent SC to FL, E to LA & far E TX
Anthanassa ardys (Hewitson, 1864) (Typical segregate)Ardys CrescentE & W Mexico through Oaxaca
Anthanassa ptolyca (H. Bates, 1864) (E Mexican segregate)Darkened CrescentS TX (rare stray), E Mexico
Anthanassa sitalces cortes (A. Hall, 1917) Montane CrescentW Mexico to Oaxaca
Anthanassa argentea (Godman & Salvin, 1882) Chestnut CrescentS TX (as stray), E & S Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua
Anthanassa atronia (H. Bates, 1866)Brown CrescentE & S Mexico to Panama
Anthanassa tulcis (H. Bates, 1864) Pale-banded CrescentSE AZ (as stray), S TX, E & W Mexico to Panama
Phyciodes graphica (R. Felder, 1869)Vesta Crescent [= vesta]
Phyciodes picta canace W. H. Edwards, 1871 Painted CrescentTL: USA (Az)
Phyciodes orseis orseis W. H. Edwards, 1871California CrescentTL: USA (Ca)
Phyciodes orseis herlani Bauer, 1975 California CrescentTL: USA (Nv)
Phyciodes mylitta mylitta (W. H. Edwards, 1861)Mylitta CrescentBC to MT, S to S CA
Phyciodes mylitta arizonensis Bauer, 1975 Mylitta CrescentAZ, NM, W TX, N to E CO, far NW Mexico
Phyciodes mylitta mexicana A. Hall, 1928 Mylitta CrescentTL: Mexico (Ver)
Phyciodes phaon phaon (W. H. Edwards, 1864)Phaon CrescentE & C Mexico, TX to FL & VA (strays far N), Cuba, Grand Cayman
Phyciodes phaon jalapeno Scott, 1998Phaon CrescentNW Mexico & Baja (N), S CA, S AZ
Phyciodes tharos tharos (Drury, 1773)Pearl Crescent TL: [USA (NY)]
Phyciodes cocyta selenis (W. Kirby, 1837)Northern Crescent 
Phyciodes cocyta arenacolor, Austin, 1998Northern CrescentTL: USA (Nv)
Phyciodes pulchella owimba Scott, 1998Field Crescent 
Phyciodes pulchella (Boisduval, 1852) (Siskiyou segregate)Field CrescentSiskiyou Mts., SW OR, NW CA
Phyciodes pulchella pulchella (Boisduval, 1852)Field CrescentTL: USA (Ca)
Phyciodes pulchella deltarufa Scott, 1998Field CrescentTL: USA (Ca)
Phyciodes pulchella (Boisduval, 1852) (S CA Sierra Nevada, low elevations)Field Crescent 
Phyciodes pulchella montana (Behr, 1863)Field CrescentTL: USA (Ca)
Phyciodes pulchella (Boisduval, 1852) (OR Cascades, high elevations)Field Crescent[nr. montana]
Phyciodes pulchella camillus W. H. Edwards, 1871Field CrescentTL: USA (Co)
    Subfamily Charaxinae Guenée, 1865Leafwings and relatives 
    Tribe Anaeini Reuter, 1896  
Consul electra electra (Westwood, 1850)Pearly LeafwingE Mexico to Panama
Anaea aidea (Guérin-Méneville, [1844])Tropical LeafwingS TX (strays far N), E & W Mexico to Costa Rica
Fountainea glycerium glycerium  (E. Doubleday, [1849]) Angled LeafwingE & W Mexico to Panama
Memphis pithyusa pithyusa (R. Felder, 1869) Pale-spotted LeafwingS TX, E & W Mexico to Bolivia
Memphis forreri (Godman & Salvin, 1884)Forrer's Leafwing S TX (rare vagrant), E & W Mexico to Costa Rica
    Tribe Preponini Rydon, 1971  
Archaeoprepona demophon centralis (Fruhstorfer, 1905) One-spotted PreponaS TX (rare stray), E Mexico through Panama
Archaeoprepona demophoon gulina (Fruhstorfer, 1904) Two-spotted PreponaE Mexico to Amazon basin
    Subfamily Satyrinae Boisduval, [1833] (1820) Satyrs 
    Tribe Morphini Newman, 1834Morphos 
Morpho helenor montezuma Guenée, 1859 Common Morpho E Mexico to Honduras
Morpho polyphemus polyphemus Westwood, 1850White MorphoSE AZ (rare stray), W Mexico to El Salvador
    Tribe Brassolini Boisduval, 1836Owl Butterflies 
Eryphanis aesacus (Herrich-Schäffer, 1850) Double-spotted Owl-Butterfly E & S Mexico to Honduras & Nicaragua
Opsiphanes cassina fabricii (Boisduval, 1870) Split-banded Owl-ButterflyE & W Mexico to Honduras & El Salvador
    Tribe Melanitini Reuter, 1896    
Manataria hercyna maculata (Hopffer, 1874) White-spotted SatyrE & W Mexico to Colombia
    Tribe Satyrini Boisduval, [1833] (1820)    
Lethe portlandia portlandia (Fabricius, 1781)Southern Pearly-eyeTL: USA (Ga)
Lethe portlandia missarkae (J. Heitzman & dos Passos, 1974) Southern Pearly-eyeTL: USA (Ar)
Lethe anthedon anthedon A. Clark, 1936Northern Pearly-eyeTL: USA (NY)
Coenonympha california california Westwood, [1851] Common RingletTL: USA (Ca)
Coenonympha california eryngii Hy. Edwards, 1877Common RingletTL: USA (Ca)
Coenonympha california eunomia Dornfeld, 1967Common RingletTL: USA (Or)
Coenonympha california ampelos W. H. Edwards, 1871Common RingletTL: USA (Ca/Or)
Coenonympha california mono Burdick, 1942Common RingletTL: USA (Ca)
Coenonympha california ochracea W. H. Edwards, 1861Common RingletTL: USA ([Co])
Coenonympha california subfusca W. Barnes & Benjamin, 1926Common RingletTL: USA (Az)
Cyllopsis hedemanni tamaulipensis L. Miller, 1974 Stub-tailed Gemmed-SatyrNE Mexico
Cyllopsis suivalenoides L. Miller, 1974 Big-eyed Gemmed-SatyrW Mexico to Nicaragua
Cyllopsis pyracmon henshawi (W. H. Edwards, 1867) (Typical form) Nabokov’s Satyr SE AZ, SW NM, NW Mexico
Cyllopsis pyracmon henshawi (W. H. Edwards, 1867) (form nabokovi) Nabokov’s Satyr SE AZ, SW NM, NW Mexico
Cyllopsis nayarit (R. Chermock, 1947)Nayarit Gemmed-SatyrE & W Mexico
Cyllopsis pertepida intermedia L. Miller, 1974 Canyonland Gemmed-SatyrNW Mexico (W-central Chihuahua)
Cyllopsis pertepida maniola (Nabokov, 1942) Canyonland Gemmed-SatyrSE AZ, SW NM, far NW Mexico (N SON, CHIH)
Cyllopsis dospassosi L. Miller, 1974dos Passos' Gemmed-Satyr NE Mexico
Cyllopsis gemma freemani (D. Stallings & Turner, 1947) Freeman's Gemmed-SatyrS TX to Guatemala & Belize
Paramacera xicaque xicaque (Reakirt, [1867]) Mexican Pine-SatyrE & central Mexico
Neonympha areolatus (J. E. Smith, 1797)Georgia SatyrTL: USA (Ga)
Megisto cymela cymela (Cramer, 1777)Little Wood-Satyr 
Megisto rubricata smithorum (Wind, 1946)Red SatyrN-central Mexico
Megisto rubricata cheneyorum (R. Chermock, 1949) Red SatyrNW Mexico
Megisto rubricata pseudocleophes L. Miller, 1976 Red SatyrW Mexico
Euptychia rubrofasciata L. Miller & J. Miller, 1988 Red-webbed SatyrNW Mexico
Euptychia westwoodi Butler, 1867 Westwood’s SatyrS Mexico to Colombia & Venezuela
Hermeuptychia sosybius (Fabricius, 1793) Carolina SatyrC TX & E OK, E to FL, N to S OH & VA
Hermeuptychia hermybius Grishin, 2014 South Texas Satyr S TX & NE Mexico
Hermeuptychia intricata Grishin, 2014 Intricate Satyr SE US coastal plains to (possibly) Costa Rica
Hermeuptychia hermes (Fabricius, 1775)Hermes SatyrS TX to Argentina
Cissia terrestris (Butler, 1867)Cryptic SatyrE Mexico to Brazil
Cissia pompilia (C. Felder & R. Felder, 1867)Plain Satyr[= usitata], E & S Mexico to Colombia
Cepheuptychia glaucina (H. Bates, 1864) Dirty-blue Satyr SE Mexico, Guatemala
Pareuptychia metaleuca (Boisduval, 1870)White-banded SatyrE & S Mexico to Panama
Pareuptychia ocirrhoe (Fabricius, 1776) (Northern segregate)White Satyr[= hesione], E & S Mexico to Ecuador
Pindis squamistriga R. Felder, 1869 Variable SatyrE & W Mexico to Guatemala
Taygetis thamyra (Cramer, 1779)Thamyra SatyrE Mexico to S Brazil
Taygetis virgilia (Cramer, 1776) Stub-tailed SatyrE & W Mexico to Brazil
Erebia magdalena magdalena Strecker, 1880 Magdalena AlpineS Rocky Mountains; S-central MT, NW WY, N UT, CO, N-central NM
Erebia epipsodea brucei Elwes, 1889 Common Alpinemoist meadows in S Rocky Mountains; SE WY, E UT, CO & N NM
Erebia epipsodea epipsodea Butler, 1868Common AlpineS BC, SW AB, NW USA
Erebia callias callias W. H. Edwards, 1871Colorado Alpinealpine meadows of SE MT, W WY, NE UT & C CO
Neominois ridingsii ridingsii (W. H. Edwards, 1865)Ridings' SatyrC MT to N MN, W NE
Neominois ridingsii neomexicanus Austin, 1986 Ridings' SatyrS-central AZ & NM
Neominois ridingsii curicata M. Fisher, Scott & Garhart, 2008Ridings' Satyrupper Gunnison River Valley, Gunnison Co., CO
Neominois ridingsii stretchii (W. H. Edwards, 1870) Ridings' SatyrW WY to W CO, W to SE OR, NV, N AZ
Neominois ridingsii pallidus Austin, 1986 Ridings' SatyrSierra Nevada (CA-NV), N to C Oregon
Oeneis polixenes brucei (W. H. Edwards, 1891)Polixenes ArcticS Rocky Mountains (NW WY, C & N CO, N NM)
Oeneis melissa lucilla W. Barnes & McDunnough, 1918Melissa ArcticS Rocky Mountains (CO, N NM)
Oeneis bore edwardsi dos Passos, 1949White-veined ArcticS Rocky Mountains (S-central MT, NW WY, NE UT, SW CO)
Oeneis chryxus altacordillera Scott, 2006Chryxus Arctichigh Canadian Zone in Rocky Mts. of Colorado
Oeneis chryxus chryxus (E. Doubleday, [1849])Chryxus ArcticRocky Mountains from ALTA to NM
Oeneis chryxus stanislaus Hovanitz, 1937 Chryxus ArcticSierra Nevada, CA-NV
Oeneis chryxus ivallda (Mead, 1878)Chryxus ArcticSierra Nevada, CA
Oeneis alberta oslari Skinner, 1911Alberta Arctic Colorado
Oeneis alberta daura (Strecker, 1874) Alberta ArcticAZ: Graham & Coconino Cos.
Oeneis nevadensis nevadensis (C. Felder & R. Felder, 1867)Great ArcticBC to N CA (inland)
Oeneis nevadensis iduna (W. H. Edwards, 1874)Great ArcticCA: Mendocino-Sonoma Cos.
Oeneis uhleri reinthali F. Brown, 1953 Uhler's ArcticCO: W slopes
Oeneis uhleri uhleri (Reakirt, 1866)Uhler's ArcticCO: E slopes, E WY
Cercyonis pegala pegala (Fabricius, 1775)Common Wood-Nymph TL: [USA (SC)]
Cercyonis pegala texana (W. H. Edwards, 1880) Common Wood-Nymph TL: USA (Tx)
Cercyonis pegala olympus (W. H. Edwards, 1880)Common Wood-Nymph  TL: USA (Illinois)
Cercyonis pegala australosierra J. Emmel, T. Emmel & K. Davenport, 2008Common Wood-NymphTL: USA (Ca)
Cercyonis pegala ariane (Boisduval, 1852) Common Wood-Nymph TL: USA (Ca)
Cercyonis pegala (Fabricius, 1775) (Little Deschutes River segregate)Common Wood-Nymph Little Deschutes River & upper Deschutes R., Deschutes Co., OR
Cercyonis pegala (Fabricius, 1775) (Silver Lake segregate)Common Wood-Nymph vic. Silver Lake, Lake Co., OR
Cercyonis pegala walkerensis Austin, 1992Common Wood-Nymph TL: USA (Ca)
Cercyonis pegala wheeleri (W. H. Edwards, 1873)Common Wood-Nymph TL: USA (Ca)
Cercyonis pegala stephensi (W. G. Wright, 1905)Common Wood-Nymph TL: USA (Ca)
Cercyonis meadii meadii (W. H. Edwards, 1872)Mead’s Wood-Nymph TL: USA (Co)
Cercyonis meadii alamosa T. Emmel & J. Emmel, 1969Mead’s Wood-Nymph TL: USA (Co)
Cercyonis sthenele paulus (W. H. Edwards, 1879)Great Basin Wood-NymphTL: USA (Nv)
Cercyonis sthenele sineocellata Austin & J. Emmel, 1998Great Basin Wood-NymphTL: USA (Or)
Cercyonis sthenele silvestris (W. H. Edwards, 1861)Great Basin Wood-NymphTL: USA (Ca)
Cercyonis sthenele behrii F. Grinnell, 1905 Great Basin Wood-NymphTL: USA (Ca)
Cercyonis oetus charon (W. H. Edwards, 1872) Small Wood-NymphTL: USA (Co)
Cercyonis oetus oetus (Boisduval, 1869)Small Wood-NymphTL: USA (Ca)
Gyrocheilus patrobas tritonia (W. H. Edwards, 1874) Red-bordered SatyrC & SE AZ, SW NM, far W TX, NW Mexico
    Family HESPERIIDAE Latreille, 1809SKIPPERS 
    Subfamily Eudaminae Mabille, 1877Spreadwing Skippers 
Phocides polybius lilea (Reakirt, [1867]) Guava SkipperS Texas to Costa Rica
Phocides pigmalion okeechobee (Worthington, 1881)Mangrove SkipperS Florida; mangroves
Phocides urania urania (Westwood, 1852) Urania Skipper Mexico, Guatemala; usually in montane forest
Proteides mercurius mercurius (Fabricius, 1787) Mercurial Skippercontinental, S Texas to Argentina, SE Arizona as rare stray
Epargyreus clarus californicus MacNeill, 1975 'California' Silver-spotted SkipperBC to Baja California Norte; Sierra Nevada-Cascades, westward
Epargyreus clarus clarus (Cramer, 1775) Silver-spotted SkipperE USA and Canada to far NE Mexico (hypothetical)
Epargyreus clarus profugus Austin, 1998'Nevada' Silver-spotted SkipperS NV, N AZ, possibly to central AZ-NM
Epargyreus clarus huachuca Dixon, 1955 'Arizona' Silver-spotted SkipperS AZ, S NM, far NW Mexico
Epargyreus windi H. Freeman, 1969Wind’s SilverdropW Mexico
Epargyreus exadeus cruza Evans, 1952 Broken Silverdrop(S TX? [CA?]as stray), E & W Mexico to Panama
Polygonus leo arizonensis (Skinner, 1911) Hammock SkipperSW USA (mostly as strays) & S TX to Central America
Chioides albofasciatus (Hewitson, 1867) White-striped LongtailS TX, S NM, SE AZ, to Costa Rica; Baja California Sur
Chioides zilpa (Butler, 1872)Zilpa LongtailS AZ-NM (stray) & S TX, S to Venezuela and Ecuador
Aguna asander asander (Hewitson, 1867) Gold-spotted AgunaSE AZ & S TX (as stray) to Argentina
Aguna claxon Evans, 1952Emerald AgunaCuba, S Texas to Colombia and Surinam
Aguna metophis (Latreille, [1824])Long-tailed Aguna S Texas to S Brazil
Typhedanus undulatus (Hewitson, 1867) Mottled Longtail S Texas (as stray) to Argentina
Typhedanus ampyx (Godman & Salvin, 1893)Gold-tufted SkipperW & NE Mexico to Costa Rica
Polythrix octomaculata (Sepp, [1844]) Eight-spotted Longtail(SE AZ as stray), S Texas to Argentina
Polythrix mexicanus H. Freeman, 1969Mexican LongtailSE AZ, S TX (as stray), N Mexico to Costa Rica
Polythrix asine (Hewitson, 1867)Asine LongtailN Mexico to Panama
Polythrix caunus (Herrich-Schäffer, 1869) Four-spotted LongtailE Mexico to S Brazil and Paraguay
Cephise aelius (Plötz, 1880)Longtailed Scarlet-eyeE & S Mexico to Venezuela and Colombia
Zestusa dorus (W. H. Edwards, 1882)Short-tailed Skipper (Northern Zestusa)far S CO-UT, AZ, NM, W TX, N Mexico
Codatractus carlos carlos Evans, 1952 Carlos' Mottled-SkipperC Mexico to Colombia (at least)
Codatractus alcaeus alcaeus (Hewitson, 1867) White-crescent Mottled-SkipperS Texas to Costa Rica
Codatractus arizonensis (Skinner, 1905) Arizona Mottled-SkipperS AZ, S NM, W TX to Oaxaca
Codatractus melon (Godman & Salvin, 1893)Melon Mottled-Skipper N Mexico to Costa Rica
Codatractus valeriana (Plötz, 1881) Valeriana Skipper[= mysie], SE Arizona to Oaxaca
Urbanus proteus proteus (Linnaeus, 1758) Long-tailed Skipper continental; E USA, S CA, S AZ, S NM, TX to Argentina
Urbanus pronus Evans, 1952Pronus Longtail(S TX one-time stray), E & S Mexico to Argentina
Urbanus evona Evans, 1952Turquoise Longtail E & W Mexico to Colombia
Urbanus dorantes dorantes (Stoll, 1790)Dorantes Longtailcontinental; Florida, S AZ, S NM, TX to Argentina
Urbanus procne (Plötz, 1881)Brown LongtailS Texas, SE AZ/SW NM (as stray), to Argentina
Urbanus simplicius (Stoll, 1790)Plain LongtailS Texas (as stray) to Argentina
Urbanus teleus (Hübner, 1821)Teleus LongtailS Texas to Argentina
Urbanus doryssus (Swainson, 1831) (E Mexican segregate) White-tailed Longtail["d. doryssus"], S Texas to El Salvador
Astraptes talus (Cramer, 1777)Green FlasherE & S Mexico to Argentina; Jamaica, Cuba, Hispaniola, etc.
Astraptes fulgerator azul (Reakirt, [1867]) complex Two-barred Flasher, Flashing AstraptesThis appears to be a complex of continental species-level taxa.
Astraptes egregius egregius (Butler, 1870) Small-spotted FlasherS TX (rare stray) to Colombia and Venezuela
Astraptes alardus latia Evans, 1952 Frosted FlasherS TX (rare stray), E Mexico to Colombia
Astraptes alector hopfferi (Plötz, 1881) Gilbert’s Flasher[= gilberti], S TX (stray), E & W Mexico to NW Brazil and Bolivia
Astraptes anaphus annetta Evans, 1952 Yellow-tipped Flasher S Texas to Guiana and Peru
Autochton cellus (Boisduval & Le Conte, [1837])Golden Banded-SkipperE-central & SE USA, SE AZ, SW NM, Mexico, S to El Salvador
Autochton pseudocellus (Coolidge & Clemence, [1910]) Sonoran Banded-SkipperMexico; apparently extirpated from S Arizona
Autochton cincta (Plötz, 1882)Chisos Banded-Skipper W Texas to Guatemala
Autochton neis (Geyer, 1832)Broad Banded-SkipperE & W Mexico to S Brazil and Paraguay
Autochton zarex (Hübner, 1818)Sharp Banded-SkipperE & S Mexico to Argentina
Achalarus casica (Herrich-Schäffer, 1869)Desert Cloudywing SW USA (SE AZ to C TX), Mexico
Achalarus albociliatus albociliatus (Mabille, 1877) White-edged CloudywingSE AZ & S TX (?) as stray, E & W Mexico to Costa Rica 
Achalarus toxeus (Plötz, 1882)Coyote CloudywingW Mexico and S Texas to Panama
Thessia jalapus (Plötz, 1881)Jalapus CloudywingS Texas (rare stray) to Colombia
Thorybes drusius (W. H. Edwards, [1884])Drusius Cloudywing, White-fringed CloudywingSE AZ, SW NM, W TX, Mexico
Thorybes bathyllus (J. E. Smith, 1797)Southern CloudywingE USA
Thorybes pylades pylades (Scudder, 1870)Northern CloudywingCanada, E USA
Thorybes pylades indistinctus Austin & J. Emmel, 1998 Northern CloudywingBaja California (N) to Washington, Cascades (& Ochocos) west
Thorybes pylades (Scudder, 1870) (southwestern segregate)Northern CloudywingS AZ, S NM, W Mexico to Oaxaca
Thorybes diversus E. Bell, 1927Western CloudywingC & N Sierra Nevada and Siskiyou Mts., CA, far SW OR
Thorybes mexicana aemilea (Skinner, 1893)Mexican CloudywingCascade Mts. N CA to C OR
Thorybes mexicana nevada Scudder, 1872 Mexican CloudywingS Rocky Mountains (S WY-ID to NM, AZ), CA-NV Sierra Nevada
Thorybes mexicana blanca Scott, 1981 Mexican CloudywingWhite Mts., CA-NV
Thorybes mexicana dobra Evans, 1952 Mexican CloudywingNW Mexico, SE Arizona, SW New Mexico
Cabares potrillo potrillo (Lucas, 1857)Potrillo SkipperSE AZ (stray), S TX to Costa Rica; Jamaica, Cuba, Hispaniola
Spathilepia clonius (Cramer, 1775) Falcate SkipperS TX (sporadic) to N Argentina
Cogia calchas (Herrich-Schäffer, 1869)Mimosa SkipperS Texas to N Argentina
Cogia hippalus hippalus (W. H. Edwards, 1882)Acacia SkipperAZ, SW NM, W & S TX, W Mexico
Cogia hippalus hiska Evans, 1953 'East-Mexican' Acacia SkipperE Mexico to Costa Rica
Cogia caicus moschus (W. H. Edwards, 1882) Gold-costa SkipperSE AZ. S NM to OAX
Cogia aventinus (Godman & Salvin, 1894)Trimmed SkipperW Mexico, Yucatan
    Subfamily Pyrginae Burmeister, 1878Spreadwing Skippers 
    Tribe Pyrrhopygini Mabille, 1877Firetips, Golf-Club Skippers 
Myscelus amystis hages Godman & Salvin, 1893 Widespread MyscelusE & W Mexico to Panama
Apyrrothrix araxes arizonae (Godman & Salvin, 1893) 'Arizona' Araxes SkipperSE AZ, SW NM, W TX (local), SON, CHIN, NL, TAMPS, SLP
Jonaspyge jonas (C. Felder & R. Felder, 1859)Scallop-edged FiretipSE Mexico (HGO, OAX, PUE, VER, CHIS), Guat., Nicaragua
    Tribe Celaenorrhinini Swinhoe, 1912  
Celaenorrhinus fritzgaertneri (Bailey, 1880) Fritzgaertner’s FlatSE AZ & S TX (as strays) to Costa Rica
Celaenorrhinus stola Evans, 1952Stola Flat E & W Mexico to Nicaragua
    Tribe Carcharodini Verity, 1940Spreadwing Skippers 
Arteurotia tractipennis tractipennis Butler & H. Druce, 1872 Starred SkipperS TX to Surinam and Bolivia
Polyctor cleta Evans, 1953Cleta Tufted-SkipperE & W Mexico to Costa Rica
Polyctor enops (Godman & Salvin, 1894)Enops Tufted-SkipperE & S Mexico to Costa Rica
Nisoniades godma Evans, 1953Godma Tufted-SkipperE & S Mexico to Costa Rica
Nisoniades rubescens (Möschler, 1877) Purplish Tufted-SkipperW Mexico & S Texas (as stray) to lower Amazon and Bolivia
Nisoniades ephora (Herrich-Schäffer, 1870)Ephora Tufted-SkipperE & W Mexico to Guianas, Trinidad, Ecuador and Peru
Pellicia arina Evans, 1953Glazed Tufted-Skipper S TX to Panama
Pellicia dimidiata dimidiata Herrich-Schäffer, 1870Morning Glory Tufted-SkipperW Mexico and S TX (as stray) to Guianas, Trinidad, up. Amazon
Noctuana lactifera bipuncta (Plötz, 1884) Cryptic SkipperE & W Mexico to Nicaragua
Noctuana stator (Godman & Salvin, 1899)Red-studded SkipperW Mexico & S TX (one-time stray) to Guianas, Trinidad, Peru
Bolla clytius (Godman & Salvin, 1897)Mottled SootywingSE AZ & S TX (rare strays) to Honduras
Staphylus ceos (W. H. Edwards, 1882) Golden-headed Sootywingfar S CA, S NV (rare), S AZ, S NM, S TX, to QRO
Staphylus vulgata (Möschler, 1879) Golden-snouted SootywingE & W Mexico to Argentina
Staphylus hayhurstii (W. H. Edwards, 1870) Hayhurst's SootywingS Ontario, E USA to far SE SD, NB, KS, to S-C TX
Staphylus mazans (Reakirt, [1867])Mazans Sootywing C TX to CHIS
Staphylus azteca (Scudder, 1872)Aztec SootywingE & W Mexico to Costa Rica
Staphylus iguala (R. Williams & E. Bell, 1940)Iguala Sootywing W & S Mexico
Pholisora catullus (Fabricius, 1793)Common Sootywingwidespread in USA and S Canada, S to Colima and Hidalgo...S to Oaxaca
Pholisora mejicanus (Reakirt, [1867])Mexican SootywingS-C Colorado to Oaxaca
Hesperopsis alpheus oricus (W. H. Edwards, 1879)Saltbush SootywingE & S CA, NV, SW UT, NW AZ
Hesperopsis alpheus alpheus (W. H. Edwards, 1876) Saltbush Sootywing[= texana], S AZ, NM, CO, far S MT, TX (verification needed for NE Mexico)
Hesperopsis gracielae (MacNeill, 1970) MacNeill's Sootywinglower Colorado River drainage, Wa Co., UT to SON + Baja
Hesperopsis libya libya (Scudder, 1878)Mojave SootywingMojave Desert, CA- S NV-AZ
Hesperopsis libya (Scudder, 1878) (Great Basin segregate) Mojave SootywingSE OR, SW ID, most of NV, E CA
    Tribe Erynnini Brues & F. Carpenter, 1932  
Gorgythion begga pyralina (Möschler, 1877) Variegated SkipperS TX to Guianas and Bolivia
Gorgythion vox Evans, 1953 Crab’s-claw SkipperE Mexico to Costa Rica
Sostrata nordica Evans, 1953 Blue-studded SkipperS TX to Costa Rica
Potamanaxas unifasciata (C. Felder & R. Felder, 1867)Felder's SkipperSE Mexico to Ecuador and Peru
Mylon lassia (Hewitson, 1868)Bold MylonE & W Mexico to Guianas and Trinidad
Mylon maimon (Fabricius, 1775)Common Mylon[= menippus], E & W Mexico to Argentina
Mylon pelopidas (Fabricius, 1793)Pale Mylon SE AZ (one-time stray), E & W Mexico to Paraguay
Grais stigmaticus stigmaticus (Mabille, 1883)Hermit SkipperC & S TX (as stray), E & W Mexico to Argentina
Timochares ruptifasciata (Plötz, 1884) Brown-banded SkipperSE AZ / SW NM, S TX to Chiapas and Belize
Timochares trifasciata trifasciata (Hewitson, 1868) Many-banded SkipperE & W Mexico to S Brazil and Paraguay
Anastrus sempiternus sempiternus (Butler & H. Druce, 1872) Common AnastrusS TX (one-time stray), E & W Mexico to Venezuela and Ecuador
Ebrietas anacreon anacreon (Staudinger, 1876)Common Bent-SkipperE & W Mexico to Argentina
Helias cama Evans, 1953Squared Bent-Skipper E Mexico to Colombia
Chiomara georgina georgina (Reakirt, 1868) White-patched Skipper SE AZ & S TX, E & W Mexico to Costa Rica
Chiomara mithrax (Möschler, 1879)Mithrax Duskywing S AZ (rare stray) W & E Mexico to Argentina, Cuba
Gesta invisus (Butler & H. Druce, 1872)False DuskywingC & S TX to Costa Rica
Erynnis icelus (Scudder & Burgess, 1870)Dreamy Duskywingwidespread in USA and Canada
Erynnis brizo burgessi (Skinner, 1914) 'Rocky Mountain' Sleepy DuskywingS Rocky Mountain states, W TX, far SE CA, USA, far NW Mexico
Erynnis brizo lacustra (W. G. Wright, 1905)'Lacustra' Sleepy DuskywingBaja California Norte, S & C CA
Erynnis (juvenalis) clitus (W. H. Edwards, 1883) Clitus DuskywingSE AZ, SW NM, W TX, E & W Mexico to Chiapas
Erynnis telemachus Burns, 1960Rocky Mountain DuskywingE NV, UT, AZ, NM, CO, far S-C WY, W TX
Erynnis propertius (Scudder & Burgess, 1870) Propertius DuskywingCascades-Sierra Nevada, westward, S BC to northern Baja
Erynnis meridianus meridianus E. Bell, 1927 Meridian DuskywingS NV, SW UT, AZ, NM, C & W TX, far N Mexico
Erynnis scudderi (Skinner, 1914)Scudder’s DuskywingSE AZ, SW NM, W TX to Guatemala
Erynnis horatius (Scudder & Burgess, 1870)Horace's Duskywing(far SE UT, far NE AZ), CO, NM, E USA, far NE Mexico (TAMPS)
Erynnis tristis tristis (Boisduval, 1852)Mournful DuskywingCA and Baja California Norte
Erynnis tristis tatius (W. H. Edwards, 1883) 'Mexican' Mournful DuskywingAZ, S NM, W & S TX to Colombia
Erynnis pacuvius pacuvius (Lintner, 1878)Pacuvius DuskywingS UT, S CO, AZ, NM to Oaxaca
Erynnis pacuvius lilius (Dyar, 1904) 'Northwestern' Pacuvius DuskywingNW CO, N UT, W WY, MT, ID, BC, WA, OR, W NV, N & E CA
Erynnis pacuvius callidus (F. Grinnell, 1904) 'Californian' Pacuvius DuskywingS CA coast ranges to Baja California (norte)
Erynnis zarucco (Lucas, 1857)Zarucco DuskywingSE USA (OK-NC-FL), Cuba, Hispaniola
Erynnis funeralis (Scudder & Burgess, 1870)Funereal DuskywingS CA, S AZ, S NM, TX S to Argentina (as resident); strays widely
Erynnis baptisiae (W. Forbes, 1936)Wild Indigo DuskywingE USA (far S Ontario) to N FL
Erynnis afranius (Lintner, 1878) (Typical segregate)Afranius DuskywingSE ALTA, S SASK to N Mexico
Erynnis persius borealis (M. Cary, 1906)Persius Duskywingmost of W Canada, possibly S along Cascades (& W) to N CA
Erynnis persius fredericki H. Freeman, 1943Persius DuskywingRocky Mountain region, USA, possibly S SASK, S ALTA
    Tribe Achlyodidini Burmeister, 1878  
Achlyodes busirus heros Ehrmann, 1909 Giant Sicklewing E & W Mexico to Bolivia
Achlyodes pallida (R. Felder, 1869)Pale Sicklewing[= selva], W Mexico & S Texas (as stray) to Bolivia
Eantis tamenund (W. H. Edwards, 1871)Northern Sicklewing (Sickle-winged Skipper)C & S Texas (further N as strays) to N Belize and Guatemala
Doberes anticus (Plötz, 1884) (Typical segregate)Dark DoberesSE Mexico (VER, OAX, CHIS)
Quadrus cerialis (Stoll, 1782)Common Blue-Skipper E & W Mexico to Argentina
Quadrus lugubris lugubris (R. Felder, 1869)Tanned Blue-SkipperE & W Mexico to Costa Rica
Atarnes sallei (C. Felder & R. Felder, 1867) Orange-spotted SkipperE & W Mexico to Colombia
    Tribe Pyrgini Burmeister, 1878  
Paches loxus gloriosus Röber, 1925Glorious Blue-Skipper[= zonula], SE Mexico to Costa Rica
Paches polla (Mabille, 1888)Polla Blue-SkipperE & W Mexico to Costa Rica
Carrhenes canescens canescens (R. Felder, 1869)Hoary SkipperW Mexico & S TX to Panama
Zobera oaxaquena Steinhauser, 1991Oaxacan ZoberaS Mexico (OAX)
Xenophanes tryxus (Cramer, 1780) Glassy-winged Skipper S Texas (as stray) to Argentina
Onenses hyalophora (R. Felder, 1869) Crystal-winged SkipperE Mexico to Guatemala
Antigonus nearchus (Latreille, 1817)Large SpurwingE & W Mexico to S Brazil and Paraguay
Antigonus erosus (Hübner, [1812])Common Spurwing W Mexico & S TX (rare stray) to S Brazil and Paraguay
Antigonus emorsa (R. Felder, 1869)White SpurwingW Mexico (SE AZ as rare stray, SON to OAX)
Antigonus funebris (R. Felder, 1869) West-Mexican SpurwingW & S Mexico
Systasea pulverulenta (R. Felder, 1869)Texas Powdered-SkipperS AZ, S NM, C & S TX to Guatemala
Systasea zampa (W. H. Edwards, 1876)Arizona Powdered-SkipperBaja, far S CA, S NV, S AZ, S NM, W TX, SON, CHIH, COAH
Celotes nessus (W. H. Edwards, 1877)Common Streaky-Skipper far SE CA, S AZ, NM, S OK, TX, N Mexico
Pyrgus centaureae loki Evans, 1953Grizzled SkipperRocky Mountains
Pyrgus ruralis ruralis (Boisduval, 1852)Two-banded Checkered-SkipperNW CO, UT, W WY, W MT, SW ALTA, S BC to C CA
Pyrgus ruralis lagunae Scott, 1981Two-banded Checkered-SkipperLaguna Mts., San Diego Co., CA
Pyrgus xanthus W. H. Edwards, 1878Mountain Checkered-SkipperS UT, N & E AZ, NM, S-C & SW CO
Pyrgus scriptura scriptura (Boisduval, 1852)Small Checkered-Skipperat least San Francisco Bay area, CA
Pyrgus scriptura apertorum Austin, 1998 Small Checkered-Skippermost of range, ALTA to Zacatecas
Pyrgus communis communis (Grote, 1872) Common Checkered-Skipperwidespread in USA & S Canada, S to Oaxaca
Pyrgus communis (Grote, 1872) (W Oregon segregate)Common Checkered-SkipperW Oregon, N CA Siskiyous
Pyrgus albescens Plötz, 1884White Checkered-SkipperS USA (CA to SC), S to Oaxaca
Pyrgus adepta Plötz, 1884Central American Checkered-SkipperE & W Mexico to Colombia
Pyrgus oileus (Linnaeus, 1767)Tropical Checkered-SkipperSE AZ, SW NM, S TX to GA, S to Costa R., Gr. & Lesser Antilles
Pyrgus philetas W. H. Edwards, 1881Desert Checkered-SkipperS AZ to S TX, S to Chiapas
Heliopyrgus domicella domicella (Erichson, [1849])Erichson’s White-SkipperS CA & S NV to S TX, S to Venezuela
Heliopyrgus sublinea (Schaus, 1902) East-Mexican White-SkipperS TX & E Mexico to Yucatan Peninsula
Heliopetes ericetorum (Boisduval, 1852) Northern White-SkipperBaja California (norte), CA, Columbia Basin, Great Basin, AZ
Heliopetes laviana laviana (Hewitson, 1868) Laviana White-SkipperS AZ and Baja California, C & S TX, most of Mexico to Venez.
Heliopetes macaira macaira (Reakirt, [1867]) Turk’s-cap White-SkipperS TX, E & W Mexico to Panama
Heliopetes arsalte (Linnaeus, 1758)Veined White-SkipperS TX, E & W Mexico to Argentina
Heliopetes alana (Reakirt, 1868)Alana White-SkipperE & W Mexico to Argentina
    Subfamily Heteropterinae Aurivillius, 1925Skipperlings 
Carterocephalus palaemon skada (W. H. Edwards, 1870) Arctic SkipperlingAlaska to N CA
Dalla nubes Steinhauser, 1991Chiapan SkipperlingS Mexico: Oaxaca and Chiapas
Piruna aea mexicana H. Freeman, 1979 Many-spotted Skipperling[= cingo], NW Mexico to SE AZ
Piruna brunnea (Scudder, 1872) complexChocolate SkipperlingE and S Mexico to Costa Rica
Piruna pirus (W. H. Edwards, 1878)Russet SkipperlingW USA: SE ID, W & S WY, CO, UT, AZ, NM, (W TX?)
Piruna millerorum Steinhauser, 1991Millers' SkipperlingNW Mexico: DGO, SIN, SON, CHIH
Piruna penaea Dyar, 1918 (Typical segregate)Hour-glass SkipperlingW Mexico to Oaxaca
Piruna penaea Dyar, 1918 (E Mexican segregate)Hour-glass SkipperlingS TX (one-time stray), E Mexico to Chiapas
Piruna polingii (W. Barnes, 1900) complex Four-spotted SkipperlingC AZ, S NM to Guerrero and Puebla
Piruna sina H. Freeman, 1970Fine-spotted SkipperlingNW Mexico: DGO, SIN, SON
    Subfamily Hesperiinae Latreille, 1809Grass-Skippers 
    Tribe Incertae Sedis  
Perichares adela (Hewitson, 1867) Green-backed Ruby-eye S TX (uncommon), E & W Mexico to S Brazil
    Tribe Megathymini J. H. Comstock & A. Comstock, 1895Giant-Skippers 
Megathymus yuccae coloradensis C. Riley, 1878Yucca Giant-SkipperSE WY, W NE, W KS, E CO, E NM, W OK, TX panhandle
Megathymus yuccae navajo Skinner, 1911 Yucca Giant-Skipper[= arizonae], W CO, S UT, W NM, AZ, N Sonora
Megathymus yuccae martini D. Stallings & Turner, 1956Yucca Giant-SkipperMohave Desert, S CA, W NV, far NW AZ
Megathymus yuccae harbisoni J. Emmel & T. Emmel, 1998Yucca Giant-SkipperBeaumont, Riverside Co. CA, S to Baja California Norte
Megathymus streckeri leussleri W. Holland, 1931Strecker's Giant-SkipperTX panhandle & E NM, to E MT, W ND, (SE SASK?)
Megathymus streckeri streckeri (Skinner, 1895)Strecker's Giant-SkipperNE AZ, NW NM, SW CO, SE UT
Agathymus polingi (Skinner, 1905)Poling's Giant-SkipperS AZ, SW NM (Hidalgo Co.), NE Sonora
Agathymus evansi (H. Freeman, 1950)Huachuca Giant-SkipperHuachuca Mts., Cochise Co., AZ
Agathymus aryxna (Dyar, 1905)Arizona Giant-SkipperSE AZ, SW NM, NE SON
Agathymus stephensi (Skinner, 1912) California Giant-SkipperS CA (Riverside, E San Diego, W Imperial Cos.), Baja (N)
    Tribe Thymelicini Tutt, 1905  
Ancyloxypha numitor (Fabricius, 1793)Least SkipperGreat Plains, eastward; SE SASK to Quebec, to S TX, far NE MEX
Ancyloxypha arene (W. H. Edwards, 1871)Tropical Least SkipperSE AZ, SW NM, W & S TX, S to Costa Rica
Oarisma garita garita (Reakirt, 1866)Garita SkipperlingSE BC to S MAN (plus Peace Riv.), S through Rockies to AZ & NM
Oarisma edwardsii (W. Barnes, 1897)Edwards’ SkipperlingS-central CO, NM, C & E AZ, NW Mexico to S-central Mexico
Copaeodes aurantiaca (Hewitson, 1868)Orange SkipperlingS CA & NV to E TX (strays N), S to Guatemala
Copaeodes minima (W. H. Edwards, 1870)Southern SkipperlingSE AZ, C TX to FL & NC, E & W Mexico to Costa Rica
Thymelicus lineola lineola (Ochsenheimer, 1808) European Skipperintroduced; Newfoundland to VA & TN, W to MAN, S Rocky Mts.
    Tribe Calpodini A. Clark, 1948  
Tromba xanthura (Godman, 1901) Yellow-washed Ruby-eyeE & W Mexico to Colombia
Carystoides basoches (Latreille, [1824])Basoches Ruby-eyeS Mexico to S Brazil & Paraguay
Calpodes ethlius (Stoll, 1782)Brazilian SkipperSE USA (strays far N), E & W Mexico to Argentina, West Indies
Panoquina panoquinoides panoquinoides (Skinner, 1891) Obscure SkipperS FL to S TX, Mexican Gulf Coast to Costa Rica, most West Indies
Panoquina errans (Skinner, 1892)Wandering SkipperS CA, W Mexico
Panoquina ocola ocola (W. H. Edwards, 1863)Ocola SkipperGreater Antilles, Texas to Argentina
Panoquina lucas (Fabricius, 1793) Purple-washed Skipper[= sylvicola, = woodruffi], Gr. & Less. Antilles, S TX to Argentina
Panoquina evansi (H. Freeman, 1946)Evans’ SkipperS TX, E & W Mexico to W Panama
Zenis jebus hemizona (Dyar, 1918) Purple-stained Skipper[= janka], E & W Mexico to Ecuador, Peru, Guianas, Trinidad
Neoxeniades luda (Hewitson, 1877)Luda SkipperW & S Mexico to Colombia
    Tribe Anthoptini A. Warren, 2009  
Synapte pecta Evans, 1955Northern Faceted-SkipperS TX, E & W Mexico to Costa Rica
Synapte salenus salenus (Mabille, 1893)Salenus Faceted-SkipperS TX (rare stray), E Mexico to Colombia
Synapte silna Evans, 1955Southwest-Mexican Faceted-SkipperSW Mexico (NAY to OAX)
Anthoptus epictetus (Fabricius, 1793) Trailside SkipperSE Mexico to Argentina
Anthoptus insignis (Plötz, 1882) Immaculate SkipperE & W Mexico to S Brazil
Corticea corticea (Plötz, 1882)Redundant Skipper S TX (as stray), E & W Mexico to S Brazil & Paraguay
    Tribe Moncini A. Warren, 2008  
Zariaspes mys (Hübner, [1808])Mys SkipperE Mexico to S Brazil & Paraguay
Zariaspes mythecus Godman, 1900Godman's Skipper  W Mexico (NAY to OAX)
Vinius tryhana tryhana (Kaye, 1914) Gold-washed SkipperE Mexico to Costa Rica, Guyana, Trinidad
Callimormus radiola radiola (Mabille, 1878) Radiant SkipperS Mexico to S Brazil
Callimormus juventus Scudder, 1872 Juventus SkipperS Mexico to Argentina
Callimormus saturnus (Herrich-Schäffer, 1869) Saturnus SkipperE & W Mexico to S Brazil & Paraguay
Mnasicles geta Godman, 1901 Violet-frosted SkipperE Mexico to Costa Rica
Remella remus (Fabricius, 1798)Black-spot Remella E & W Mexico to S Brazil & Paraguay
Remella rita (Evans, 1955)Rita’s Remella E & W Mexico to Panama
Remella duena (Evans, 1955) Guatemalan RemellaS Mexico to Guatemala
Amblyscirtes exoteria (Herrich-Schäffer, 1865) (Typical segregate)Large Roadside-Skipper 
Amblyscirtes exoteria (Herrich-Schäffer, 1865) (Southern segregate) Large Roadside-Skipper 
Amblyscirtes cassus W. H. Edwards, 1883Cassus Roadside-Skipper  TL: USA (Az)
Amblyscirtes aenus megamacula Scott, 1998 Bronze Roadside-SkipperNW Mexico
Amblyscirtes oslari (Skinner, 1899)Oslar’s Roadside-SkipperTL: USA (Co)
Amblyscirtes brocki H. Freeman, 1992 (Typical segregate)Brock’s Roadside-SkipperTL: Mexico (Son)
Amblyscirtes brocki H. Freeman, 1992 (Southern segregate) Brock’s Roadside-Skipper 
Amblyscirtes elissa arizonae H. Freeman, 1993 Elissa Roadside-SkipperNW Mexico
Amblyscirtes hegon (Scudder, 1863)Pepper and Salt SkipperTL: USA (NH)
Amblyscirtes aesculapius (Fabricius, 1793) Lace-winged Roadside-SkipperTL: N. America
Amblyscirtes nereus (W. H. Edwards, 1876)Slaty Roadside-SkipperTL: USA (Az)
Amblyscirtes nysa W. H. Edwards, 1877Nysa Roadside-Skipper TL: USA (Tx)
Amblyscirtes eos (W. H. Edwards, 1871)Dotted Roadside-SkipperTL: USA (Tx)
Amblyscirtes vialis (W. H. Edwards, 1862)Common Roadside-SkipperTL: USA (Il)
Amblyscirtes celia Skinner, 1895Celia’s Roadside-Skipper TL: USA (Tx)
Amblyscirtes tolteca prenda Evans, 1955 Toltec Roadside-Skipper SE AZ, far NW Mexico
Amblyscirtes phylace (W. H. Edwards, 1878) Orange-headed Roadside-SkipperTL: USA (Co)
Amblyscirtes fimbriata fimbriata (Plötz, 1882) Orange-edged Roadside-Skipper TL: Mexico
Eutocus facilis (Plötz, 1884)Facilis SkipperS Mexico to Ecuador and Bolivia
Virga clenchi L. Miller, 1970Clench's Skipper E Mexico: TAMPS to VER & CAMP
Repens florus (Godman, 1900)False Roadside-Skipper E & W Mexico, Belize, Nicaragua
Vidius perigenes (Godman, 1900)Pale-rayed SkipperS TX, E & W Mexico to Colombia
Monca crispinus (Plötz, 1882) Violet-patched Skipper [= tyrtaeus], S TX, E & W Mexico to Colombia
Nastra lherminier (Latreille, [1824])Swarthy SkipperE USA: KS to TX, E to FL, NJ, CT
Nastra julia (H. Freeman, 1945)Julia’s Skipper[= hoffmanni], far SW USA, C & S TX, E & W Mexico to C. Rica
Cymaenes trebius (Mabille, 1891) Fawn-spotted SkipperSE AZ (rare stray), S TX, E & W Mexico to Colombia
Cymaenes fraus (Godman, 1900) Frosty-banded SkipperE Mexico to Costa Rica
Vehilius stictomenes illudens (Mabille, 1891)Pasture SkipperE & W Mexico to Panama
Lerodea eufala eufala (W. H. Edwards, 1869)Eufala SkipperS & C CA, to S NM, C & S TX-OK to VA-FL (strays N); to Argent.
Lerodea arabus (W. H. Edwards, 1882) Violet-clouded Skipper[= dysaules], S AZ, S TX to Costa Rica
Moeris striga stroma Evans, 1955Flag SkipperE & W Mexico to Colombia
Moeris hyagnis hyagnis Godman, 1900Hyagnis SkipperE Mexico to Costa Rica
Papias dictys Godman, 1900 Bottom-spotted SkipperE & S Mexico to Ecuador
Lerema accius (J. E. Smith, 1797)Clouded Skipper[including lochius], S USA (strays N) to Colombia & Venezuela
Lerema liris Evans, 1955Liris Skipper E & W Mexico to Costa Rica
Morys lyde (Godman, 1900)Violet-studded SkipperS & E Mexico to Costa Rica
Halotus jonaveriorum Burns, 1992 John-and-Avery's Skipper W Mexico
Niconiades nikko Hayward, 1948Nikko SkipperE Mexico to Ecuador, S Brazil and Paraguay
Vettius fantasos (Cramer, 1780)Fantastic SkipperS TX (sporadic), E & W Mexico to Paraguay
Naevolus orius (Mabille, 1883)Orius Skipper E & W Mexico to S Brazil
Enosis immaculata immaculata (Hewitson, 1868) Immaculata SkipperSE Mexico to Ecuador and Peru
Vertica verticalis coatepeca (Schaus, 1902) Vertical SkipperSE Mexico to Costa Rica
Mucia zygia (Plötz, 1886)Black-dotted SkipperE & W Mexico to Argentina
    Tribe Hesperiini Latreille, 1809  
Hylephila phyleus phyleus (Drury, 1773)Fiery Skipper[= muertovalle] CA to FL (strays far N), S to Argentina; Hawaii
Pseudocopaeodes eunus eunus (W. H. Edwards, 1881) Alkali SkipperS CA (Kern to San Diego cos.)
Pseudocopaeodes eunus alinea Scott, 1981Alkali SkipperS NV, far SE CA
Pseudocopaeodes eunus flavus Austin & J. Emmel, 1998Alkali SkipperInyo Co., CA, N through Lyon, Mineral, Storey, Washoe, Pershing, Lander and Nye cos., NV
Pseudocopaeodes eunus obscurus Austin & J. Emmel, 1998Alkali SkipperCarson City, NV, also Honey L., Lassen Co., CA & vic. Mono L. & L. Crowley, Mono Co., CA
Hesperia uncas tomichi M. Fisher, 2008Uncas SkipperColorado Rockies, high elevations; univoltine
Hesperia uncas uncas W. H. Edwards, 1863Uncas SkipperSE MAN to S ALTA, S to NE ID, WY,W NE, W KS, W OK, E CO, NM, N & W TX
Hesperia uncas lasus (W. H. Edwards, 1884)Uncas SkipperW CO, UT, AZ, SW NM
Hesperia uncas giulianii McGuire, 1998Uncas Skippervic. Adobe Hills, Mono Co., CA
Hesperia uncas macswaini MacNeill, 1964 Uncas SkipperCA-NV White Mts., high elevations
Hesperia juba (Scudder, 1874)Juba SkipperS BC to W SD, S to NW NM, N AZ, CA & Baja California
Hesperia colorado colorado (Scudder, 1874)Western Branded SkipperRocky Mts. of Colorado, at and above treeline
Hesperia colorado ochracea Lindsey, 1941Western Branded SkipperCO Front Range (Larimer to El Paso cos.)
Hesperia colorado oroplata Scott, 1981Western Branded SkipperS-central CO, N NM
Hesperia colorado susanae L. Miller, 1962 Western Branded SkipperS-central CO, N NM
Hesperia colorado idaho (W. H. Edwards, 1883)Western Branded SkipperW CO to E CA, N to SE BC, MT, WY
Hesperia colorado (Scudder, 1874) (E Columbia Basin segregate)Western Branded SkipperE Columbia Basin, NE OR, SE WA
Hesperia colorado leussleri Lindsey, 1940 Western Branded SkipperSW CA
Hesperia colorado tildeni H. Freeman, 1956Western Branded SkipperW-central CA (Coast Ranges)
Hesperia colorado harpalus (W. H. Edwards, 1881)Western Branded SkipperCA Sierra Nevada
Hesperia colorado oregonia (W. H. Edwards, 1883)Western Branded SkipperN CA-SW OR Cascades, E Siskiyous
Hesperia colorado (Scudder, 1874) (W Cascades segregate)Western Branded SkipperW OR Cascades (from Clackamas to N Jackson cos.)
Hesperia colorado mattoonorum McGuire, 1998Western Branded SkipperNW CA-SW OR W Siskiyous & outer Coast Range
Hesperia colorado (Scudder, 1874) (N CA coastal segregate)Western Branded SkipperMarin Co., CA
Hesperia colorado dodgei (E. Bell, 1927)Western Branded SkipperSanta Cruz Co., CA
Hesperia woodgatei (R. Williams, 1914) (Typical segregate)Apache SkipperS CO, NM, W TX, C & SE AZ, CHIH
Hesperia leonardus pawnee Dodge, 1874Leonard's SkipperE CO to E MT, E to SW MN, NW IA
Hesperia leonardus montana (Skinner, 1911)Leonard's SkipperS Platte River Canyon, C CO
Hesperia pahaska pahaska Leussler, 1938Pahaska SkipperSASK, MT & ND, S to C NM
Hesperia pahaska williamsi Lindsey, 1940 Pahaska SkipperS AZ to W TX, NW Mexico
Hesperia pahaska martini MacNeill, 1964Pahaska SkipperW CO to SE CA
Hesperia columbia (Scudder, 1872) (Typical segregate)Columbian SkipperC & S CA
Hesperia columbia (Scudder, 1872) (N Cascades-Siskiyous)Columbian SkipperSiskiyou Mts. & SW Cascades, NW CA, SW OR
Hesperia viridis (W. H. Edwards, 1883)Green SkipperSE WY to E AZ & C TX, NE Mexico
Hesperia lindseyi lindseyi (W. Holland, 1930)Lindsey's SkipperW-central to S CA, far SW AZ
Hesperia lindseyi macneilli J. Emmel, T. Emmel & Mattoon, 1998Lindsey's Skipperouter N Coast Ranges, NW CA
Hesperia lindseyi eldorado J. Emmel, T. Emmel & Mattoon, 1998Lindsey's SkipperW slope Sierra Nevada, CA (Butte to El Dorado cos.)
Hesperia lindseyi septentrionalis J. Emmel, T. Emmel & Mattoon, 1998 Lindsey's SkipperSiskiyou Mts & Modoc Plateau, N CA, S OR, NW NV
Hesperia miriamae miriamae MacNeill, 1959Sierra SkipperS Sierra Nevada, CA (Alpine to Tulare cos.), high elevations
Hesperia miriamae longaevicola McGuire, 1998Sierra SkipperCA-NV White Mts., high elevations
Hesperia nevada nevada (Scudder, 1874)Nevada SkipperALTA & SASK, Rocky Mts. from MT-ID to N-central NM
Hesperia nevada (Scudder, 1874) (N Great Basin/ Columbia Basin segregate)Nevada SkipperN Great Basin, OR-ID-NV & Columbia Basin, WA-BC
Hesperia nevada sierra Austin, J. Emmel, T. Emmel & Mattoon, 1998Nevada SkipperS OR (Warner Mts.) to S end Sierra Nevada, CA
Polites rhesus (W. H. Edwards, 1878) (Typical segregate)Rhesus SkipperS ALTA, SASK, E MT, W ND, W SD, W NE, E WY, E CO, far W OK, NM, C AZ
Polites carus (W. H. Edwards, 1883)Carus Skipperfar W OK, far SE CO, NM, W TX, AZ, NW Mexico to central Mexico
Polites subreticulata (Plötz, 1883) Subreticulate SkipperE & W Mexico to Costa Rica
Polites peckius (W. Kirby 1837) (AZ White Mts. segregate)Peck's SkipperAZ White Mts.
Polites sabuleti sabuleti (Boisduval, 1852)Sandhill Skipper TL: USA (Ca)
Polites sabuleti channelensis J. Emmel & T. Emmel, 1998Sandhill SkipperSanta Rosa I., Santa Barbara Co., CA
Polites sabuleti aestivalis J. Emmel, T. Emmel & Mattoon, 1998Sandhill SkipperNW CA, SW OR
Polites sabuleti tecumseh (F. Grinnell, 1903)Sandhill SkipperSierra Nevada, high elevations
Polites sabuleti albamontana Austin, 1987 Sandhill SkipperWhite Mts. of CA-NV
Polites sabuleti alkaliensis Austin, 1987Sandhill SkipperSE WA, E OR, NE NV to N UT, W CO, NW NM; also CO Front Range
Polites sabuleti sinemaculata Austin, 1987Sandhill SkipperHumboldt Co., NV
Polites draco (W. H. Edwards, 1871)Draco SkipperYukon, N BC, Rocky Mts. from W ALTA to N NM
Polites mardon (W. H. Edwards, 1881) (N CA-S OR coastal segregate)Mardon SkipperNW CA (Del Norte Co.), SW OR (Curry Co.) near coast
Polites mardon klamathensis Mattoon, J. Emmel & T. Emmel, 1998 Mardon SkipperSW OR (Jackson & Klamath Cos.) S end Cascades
Polites themistocles themistocles (Latreille, [1824])Tawny-edged SkipperSE Canada, New England to MT, S to NM, S FL, disjunct in N CA
Polites origenes origenes (Fabricius, 1793)Crossline SkipperSE Canada, New England to E SD, S to NE TX, C FL
Polites sonora (Scudder, 1872) (N CA coastal segregate)Sonoran SkipperN CA coast
Polites sonora sonora (Scudder, 1872)Sonoran SkipperCascades of BC-WA-OR-CA to Sierra Nevada of CA, S to Baja California
Polites sonora longinqua Austin, 1998Sonoran SkipperWhite Mts. of CA-NV
Polites vibex vibex (Geyer, 1832)WhirlaboutNC to FL, W to LA
Polites vibex praeceps (Scudder, 1872) WhirlaboutS TX, E & W Mexico to Trinidad, Venezuela, Ecuador
Wallengrenia egeremet (Scudder, 1863) Northern Broken-dashSE Canada, New England to C FL, W to E TX, N to SE ND, C MN
Wallengrenia otho otho (J. E. Smith, 1797) Southern Broken-dashMD to FL, W to TX, E & W Mexico to Costa Rica
Wallengrenia otho clavus (Erichson, [1849]) 'Pale' Southern Broken-dash [= curassavica], S TX, E & W Mexico to Venezuela, Guianas, Trinidad, N Brazil, Peru
Pompeius verna verna (W. H. Edwards, 1862)Little GlassywingS QUE, ONT, New England to N FL, W to LA, N to MN, SE SD, E NE, NE KS
Pompeius pompeius (Latreille, [1824])Pompeius SkipperE & W Mexico to Argentina
Atalopedes campestris campestris (Boisduval, 1852) SachemBaja California to WA, Columbia Basin to W Idaho
Atalopedes campestris huron (W. H. Edwards, 1863) SachemE USA (strays far N), E & W Mexico to Ecuador, Venezuela, Brazil
Poanes hobomok hobomok (T. Harris, 1862)Hobomok SkipperSE Canada to SASK & E-central ALTA, S to NE CO, E OK, AR to TN, N AL
Poanes zabulon (Boisduval & Le Conte, [1837])Zabulon Skipper MA & NY to NE & KS, S to TX, C FL, montane NE & NW Mexico to Panama
Poanes taxiles (W. H. Edwards, 1881)Taxiles SkipperW SD, W NE, E WY, CO, S ID, UT, AZ, NM, W TX, NW Mexico to DF, OAX
Poanes viator zizaniae Shapiro, 1971Broad-winged SkipperMA to FL, E to C TX
Poanes inimica (Butler & H. Druce, 1872) Yellow-stained SkipperE & W Mexico to Colombia, Venezuela
Poanes monticola (Godman, 1900)Oyamel SkipperW to S-central Mexico
Stinga morrisoni (W. H. Edwards, 1878)Morrison’s SkipperCO Front Range, NM, E AZ, W TX, N to S-central Mexico
Ochlodes sylvanoides sylvanoides (Boisduval, 1852) Woodland SkipperS BC, W WA, W OR, W CA, N BC (Mexico)
Ochlodes sylvanoides santacruza Scott, 1981Woodland SkipperSanta Cruz Island, CA
Ochlodes sylvanoides catalina J. Emmel & T. Emmel, 1998Woodland SkipperSanta Catalina Island, CA
Ochlodes sylvanoides orecoasta Scott, 1981Woodland Skipperimmediate coastal habitats from W WA to N CA, variable phenotype
Ochlodes sylvanoides bonnevilla Scott, 1981Woodland SkipperN Great Basin, esp. Elko Co., NV, variable but palest phenotype
Ochlodes sylvanoides omnigena Austin, 1998Woodland SkipperE CA Sierra Nevada & E OR-WA Cascades to MT, WY, W CO
Ochlodes sylvanoides napa (W. H. Edwards, 1865)Woodland SkipperCO Front Range (Larimer to El Paso & Fremont cos.), E WY, W SD
Ochlodes agricola (Boisduval, 1852) (Northern segregate)Rural SkipperNW CA, SW OR
Ochlodes agricola agricola (Boisduval, 1852)Rural SkipperW CA, N BC (MEX)
Ochlodes agricola nemorum (Boisduval, 1852)Rural SkipperW Sierra Nevada, CA
Ochlodes agricola verus (W. H. Edwards, 1881)Rural Skipperfar S Sierra Nevada, to SE (CA)
Ochlodes yuma sacramentorum Austin, 1998Yuma SkipperCA Central Valley
Ochlodes yuma yuma (W. H. Edwards, 1873)Yuma Skipperfar NW NM, N AZ, S UT, S NV, SE CA
Ochlodes yuma lutea Austin, 1998Yuma SkipperC & N NV, SE OR
Ochlodes yuma anasazi S. Cary & Stanford, 1995Yuma SkipperN New Mexico (Rio Grande Gorge)
Paratrytone snowi (W. H. Edwards, 1877)Snow’s SkipperSE WY (Laramie Co.), CO Front Range, S CO, NM, E AZ, CHIH, [SON?]
Onespa brockorum Austin & A. Warren, 2009Brocks’ SkipperNW Mexico (SON, SIN, possibly DGO)
Anatrytone logan logan (W. H. Edwards, 1863)Delaware SkipperME to MN, S to FL & E TX
Anatrytone logan lagus (W. H. Edwards, 1881)Delaware SkipperSE ALTA & E MT to W & S TX, NL
Anatrytone potosiensis (H. Freeman, 1969) Potosi SkipperE Mexico to Honduras
Quasimellana eulogius (Plötz, 1882) Common MellanaS TX, E & W Mexico to Venezuela, Guianas, Trinidad, Brazil
Notamblyscirtes simius (W. H. Edwards, 1881) Simius SkipperS SASK, E MT, E WY, W SD, W NE, E CO, N & W TX, NM, C & SE AZ, COAH, DGO
Euphyes vestris vestris (Boisduval, 1852)Dun SkipperN CA to BC, ID
Euphyes vestris kiowah (Reakirt, 1866)Dun SkipperSE WY, CO, NM, AZ, far NW Mexico; univoltine
Euphyes vestris metacomet (T. Harris, 1862) Dun Skipper E USA, SE Canada, NE Mexico; univoltine to multivoltine
Metron chrysogastra chrysogastra (Butler, 1870)Orange-headed MetronE & W Mexico to Colombia, Venezuela, Trinidad
Quinta cannae (Herrich-Schäffer, 1869)Canna SkipperE & W Mexico to Argentina
Cynea irma (Möschler, 1879)Fogged SkipperE Mexico to S Brazil
Decinea decinea huasteca (H. Freeman, 1969) Huastecan SkipperE Mexico
Oligoria maculata (W. H. Edwards, 1865)Twin-spot SkipperSE USA (E TX to FL, N to NC)
Atrytonopsis deva (W. H. Edwards, 1877)Deva SkipperC & SE AZ, SW NM, NW to S-central Mexico
Atrytonopsis lunus (W. H. Edwards, 1884) Moon-marked SkipperC & SE AZ, SW NM, SON
Atrytonopsis vierecki (Skinner, 1902) Viereck’s SkipperSW & SE UT, S CO, AZ, NM, far W OK, N & W TX, N COAH
Atrytonopsis pittacus (W. H. Edwards, 1882) (Typical segregate) White-barred SkipperC & SE AZ, SW NM, W TX, SON
Atrytonopsis python (W. H. Edwards, 1882)Python Skipperfar S NV, AZ, NM, W TX, CHIH, SON
Atrytonopsis cestus (W. H. Edwards, 1884)Cestus Skipperfar NW Mexico (SON), SE AZ
Atrytonopsis edwardsi W. Barnes & McDunnough, 1916 Sheep Skipper N-central and NW Mexico, S AZ, SW NM, W TX
Nyctelius nyctelius nyctelius (Latreille, [1824]) Violet-banded Skipper, Nyctelius SkipperGreater Antilles, Virgin Islands, S Texas to Argentina
Thespieus dalman (Latreille, [1824]) Chalk-marked SkipperE & W Mexico to Argentina
Vacerra litana (Hewitson, 1866)Litana Skipper[= regional records for bonfilus aeas], E & W Mexico to Guianas
Vacerra gayra (Dyar, 1918)Gayra SkipperE & W Mexico, Belize
Oxynthes corusca (Herrich-Schäffer, 1869)Corusca SkipperE & S Mexico to Bolivia & Brazil